The Fine Line

Three years ago, Max made the biggest mistake of his life. He left his one true love and has regretted it ever since. He had a perfectly good reason as to why he left and he kicked himself in the butt all the time when thinking about her. Three years have passed since Tory lost the one thing that was close to her. All he left was a note that said "I'm sorry" by her picture and that was it. She forced herself to go through life, hoping with every waking moment that he would return and when he does, he brings a huge burden with him. She finds out that his survival depends solely on her. Will she forgive him and save him, after he just comes back out of the blue? Or will she have him fend for himself? Find out in: The Fine Line


1. Preface



            I looked at him standing there, leaning with his back and right foot against the wall.  My heart knew he had been here for quite some time, I could feel his presence all around me and that motorcycle engine, I heard it wherever I turned.  I couldn’t help but run outside to confirm what my heart already knew.  There he was, someone I wouldn’t have suspected in a million years was leaning against the brick wall in the alley way, hiding in case someone from where I worked saw him. 

            When I got to him, my words caught in my throat and I couldn’t breathe.  He had on a leather jacket and a white V-neck t-shirt underneath, which I could see because the jacket was zippered only half way.  He had on light blue jeans and motorcycle boots and that shoulder-length thin hair that I once ran my fingers through almost every single night, was gone.  He had thick hair that stopped at the nape of his neck and almost had a boy-ish charm to him.  No way would I have suspected that he was twenty-eight years old.

            He turned his head slowly to look at me and his gorgeous chocolate colored eyes bored right through to my soul.  Those eyes searched every part of my body and then they locked with my eyes, piercing them in their place so hard that I couldn’t even blink.  I never expected to be looking into those gorgeous mischievous eyes again but there they were looking back at me, searching for any kind of emotion that they could find and when he finally pushed himself off the wall and moved closer to me, I knew that he had found the emotion he was looking for; love. 


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