Is this love?

Hi guys... First Movella so bear with me on this occasion!!
Ellis and Steph have been friends since forever, they do everything together and have never thought of being more than friends. However, when Ellis gets a new girlfriend what does Steph think and what does she suddenly realise about her bestfriend?


1. Divalishious


Hey guys Pippa here xxx hugs and kisses :3  this is my FIRST EVER Movella and i'm FREAKING!!!!!!  I dont have much experience in writing so bear with me honeys xx 

Hope you enjoy my first ever Romance story of my LIFFEEEEE XOXOXOXOXOOXOX

BTWSSS......sorry about some spelling mistakes :/

I set my story in Californian but i am English so i use the word "Mum" not "Mom" sorry for any confusions :33 read read READ!


They sun was beating down on me as i sat by the pool sipping my mango smoothie whilst letting my long, pale legs tan. 

" Your such a diva! " Laughed Ellis as he splashed me with the freezing water.

" Jesus!!! Ellis what is wrong with you!! " I tried to shout, but as everyone knows i cant stay mad at Ellis. He curved his lip like a sad little child and ducked under the water. I raised my finely shaped eyebrows as i flipped of my sunhat and glasses.

" CANNONBALLL!!!!!!!!" I screamed as i launched into the icy blue water. I screamed as Ellis grabbed my ankles and tried to pull me down under.

" Kids.... What are you two doughnuts doing now. " Mum laughed as she saw me and Ellis wrestling in the pool.

" Don't ruin my grass, i had it done yesterday and i don't want it swamped by chlorine. " She tutted as she walked back into the house. I broke out of his strong arms and turned around, our eyes locked and there was an awkward silence. Were not together, were best friends and everyone knows it. I broke our gaze and stared up at the clear blue Californian sky, no clouds clogged it up.

"Stephi?! " Called Mum.

"What?" I yelled back as i clambered out of the pool, nearly slipping on the wet tiles.

"Lunch time kids." Mum announced as we walked through the glass patio doors.

"Yum, I'm starving" Ellis said as he grabbed a tuna sandwich of the tray and flopped himself on the brown leather sofa. 

I looked up at him and saw he was still in his soaking wet swimming trunks.

"ELLIS!!!! Get off the flipping leather sofa you idiot!!" I screamed.

He jumped up, dropping his tuna sandwich on the floor.

"Sorryyyyy Stern Stephi." Ellis said in a child like voice.

Stern Stephi was what he called me when i shouted or got angry, he always managed to make me laugh even when i was furious.

I laughed and said "Okay I'll let you off this time Evil Ellis" 

He laughed and suddenly gave me an intense kinda stare.

"Stop it...." I giggled uneasily.

"Oh um....Sorry." He mumbled awkwardly, "Well I gotta go now Steph so see ya later." He shrugged and gave me a friendly hug.

 He grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it over his wet head. He waved as he walked down the long gravelly path and disappeared into the Californian sunset.


*********************** 2days later ****************************

BZZZZ BZZZZZ!!! Sang my phone.

"Yello?" I said.

"Hey it's Ellis, I was wondering if you wanted to meet up at the mall with me and Kyra?" He asked brightly 

"Kyra, who's she?"

"Kyra Saunders, y'know the one in our Bio class that has the really long blonde hair?"

"Oh....Her." I replied disappointed, Kyra was the most annoying girl EVERRRR!!!! We used to be really close but then there was a fight and blah blah blah, lets just say.... We're NOT close anymore. Shes one of those attention seeking girls who wears short and sexy outfits to try and impress all the boys... Personally, I find it stupid and shallow but hey, who cares? Anyway, me and Ellis haven't talked to her since we where eleven so i don't know why he's suddenly meeting up with her?!

"Um...Sure I'll meet you there in about twenty minutes??" I replied after thinking about it for ages.

"Yay! See you Stephi."Ellis squealed.


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