The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


45. 45

At once I’m cold. The blood drains outta my fingers, down my arm an strate to my heart. Frozen. Nuffink. I can’t move. I can’t speak.

But I’m still screamin.

Eeli’s cryin. Holdin Wren.

Wren’s eyes are wide wiff surprise.

I dunno who’s more shocked.

I look at her an my eyes well wiff tears. I wanna crawl towards her but I can’t move. I wanna apologise but I can’t speak.

I’m numb. I’m covered in blood. I’m shakin.

“Mum?” Eeli’s sayin. “Mum? No! This weren’t meant to happen!” She’s screamin to the sky. To the heavens. But the heavens won’t answer her. It weren’t their doin. It was mine.

I try an form her name wiff my lips but no air comes out.

“None of this was meant to happen! This was gonna be perfect! This was gonna be everyfink!”

Eeli’s silenced as Wren grasps her hand. “Elia,” she says. “Elia. Elia.”

Eeli shuffles even closer, cradling her head in her lap. “Yer fine,” she sniffs. Everyone knows she’s lyin.

An it’s my fault, ain’t it?

There’s one more word.


An she says no more.

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