The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


44. 44

I skid into the buildin we saw Wren in however many nites ago that was. Nimmo lets out a bark as we stop, looking around at the room. Somehow it looks smaller wiffout all the people in it. It’s empty. It looks like it stretches twice as far as when Kyan was singin at the other end. Nimmo’s bark bounces back an echos.

“Eeli!” I shout, walkin forwards towards the door at the back. Nimmo goes to the door and paws at it, whimperin. “She’s gotta be here,” I say to him. “We’re gonna find her. We gotta.” I drop my rucksack on a table near the front, stretchin my arms, glad the wayte’s gone at last.

I open the door an there’s Wren, stormin towards us lookin flustered. “Oh,” she says as she sees me, slappin a smile on her face that don’t meet her eyes. “It’s you.”

“Tye,” I remind her. “Where’s Eeli?”

“Elia’s busy at the moment.” She puts her hands in front’a her an clasps them tite. “What was it you wanted?”

“I wanna talk to her.” I go to walk forwards but Wren steps to the side to block my path.

“Well she’s busy at the moment. She’s got a lot of practicing to do before I can let her on stage.”

“I understand but there’s somefin I really gotta say.”

“I’m afraid nothing is that important. It will have to wait.”

I shake my head. “No. You gotta let me past.” I try and skweeze by but she slams her arm against the wall, stoppin me.

“I don’t have to do anything. In fact, I would like you to leave.” She narrows her eyes but I don’t move back.

“I ain’t goin nowhere till I’ve seen Eeli.” I cross my arms. “I talked to Phee, he told me what happened. She’s gotta know.”

“She hasn’t got to know anything.” Wren pushes some hair outta her face an huffs. “You have no purpose here.”

“I don’t care.” I go to push past her an she shoves me back.

“Don’t you dare make an enemy out of me or you will never see Elia again.”

“Who are you to deside that?” I take a step closer so our bodies are almost touchin. “She don’t even know you. Git outta my way.”

She grabs my wrist an skweezes tite, her nails piercein my skin. “And who are you to rush in here like this?” She speaks thru her teeth.

“I’m her best friend.”

“And I’m her mother.”

Nimmo’s ears go back an he growls, showin off his teeth. It don’t make either of us flinch.

“I’ve bin there fer everyfink.” I’ve got fire in my heart an I want it to set her alite. “I earned my title. You don’t deserve yers.” I give her one hard shove but her grip only titens.

“It would do you good to leave and never come back. Elia doesn’t need friends like you anymore.” She looks me up and down.

“An she’s never needed a mother like you.” I grip her arm an pull her off me, swingin her round till she’s behind me.

I take no time to speed down the corridor, Nimmo at my heels.

“Eeli!” I scream. “Eeli! Where are you?”

I hear a muffled reply an race in that direction, Nimmo barkin in answer.

As I git closer, I hear her. “Tye? Tye! Help! Tye!” The sounds of terror in her voice makes a shudder ripple along my body an I find I can run faster.

I crash into the door Eeli’s voice is comin from an she’s bangin her fists on it, yellin fer me.

“Eeli!” I jiggle the handle but the door won’t open. “Eeli!” I start beating the door too but the wood’s thick an sturdy.

“She’s locked me in, Tye! Help!”

I press my face closer to the door. “I’ll git you out. I ain’t leaving you.”

“Tye.” Her voice is tremblin an there’s a sob hidin in it. “I fort I’d never see you again.”

I smile, even tho I know I shouldn’t. “You haven’t seen me yet, stoopid.”

She lets out a larf an I can picture essackly what her face looks like in that moment. Mowf open, eyes shut, hair everywhere. The longin to see her wiff my eyes is more than I ever expected. My stomach feels fizzy an I can’t quite catch my breath.

I would never have heard her in that moment. I was too busy listenin fer Eeli to notice anyfink else. So filled up wiff the buzzin feelin of her smile. Too giddy.

I would never have noticed nuffink an then it would’a bin too late.

Nimmo barks once, loud. He growls. Then he barks again an again an again.

My whole body tenses an jumps at the noise an I whirl round to find Wren two steps away from me. She leaps at me an I put my hands up, not havin enuff time to do anyfink useful. I shove as hard as I can into her stomach an fite off her clutches.

“Leave us alone!” she howls, comin back fer me at once.

I swat her hands away but she’s leavin scratches all down me, blood dripping to the floor, fire ignitin every place she claws me. “Wren! I don’t wanna hurt you!”

She’s standin there, hair coverin her face, chest heavin up an down, rage about her lips. She’s got my blood in her nails.

“I don’t wanna hurt you.” I hold my hands up in surrender, my cuts an scratches pulsin.

“Leave us,” she snarls.

“Tye?” Eeli’s knockin on the door. “Tye?”

“I’m not leavin,” I say. “Not wiffout her. I ain’t ever leavin her again. Not ever. She’s everyfin.”

“Don’t you think I don’t know that? You children think you know everything. She’s my doorter! You can’t take her away again!”

I take a step towards her. I’m usin my softest voice. “I dint take her from you. You gave her up. That was yer decision. It’s not my fault she’s grown up wiffout you.”

She flicks her hair back an stands up strate. “How dare you? You have no idea what I’ve bin thru to get here. No idea what I had to deal with!”

“An you don’t know nuffin about what I’ve bin thru an had to deal wiff.” I puff my chest out, tryin to look big. “You let her out.”

She shakes her head. “I’m not losing her.”

“She’s not yer prisoner. You let her out rite now.”

Fer the first time she looks afraid. She starts takin steps back but I’m rite on her heel. She goes to run. I grab her arm. She shrieks at me but I got her an I ain’t lettin go.

“Gimme the key!” I yell.

She thrashes in my grip as I pull her to the ground. I land on top of her wiff a huff, all the air leavin my body. But that don’t stop me. I’ve run fer miles to reach Eeli an I’m not havin this strange woman take her away from me. Not ever.

I go fer her pocket an she screeches, battin my hand away.

“Get off me!”

“Gimme the key!”

Her nails are cuttin deeper into the back of my hand an I cry out but don’t stop. I got my hand pressed against her thigh in her pocket an my fingers are brushin the key but I can’t quite grab it. My other arm is tryin’a pin her down but she’s squirmin like a wild animal. Nimmo’s standin over us but only growlin. The stoopid dog’s all bark an no bite. Just as Eeli said when we found him.

Wren goes to punch me in the face an the force of her arm lets me slip my hand further into her pocket an I feel metal an I grab hold an yank my hand free. She strikes only the side’a my face. It throbs but I’ve had worse. She goes fer me again an this time hits me dead on. Pain explodes from my jaw across my whole face an don’t quiet even after her fist is back at her side.

I groan as I heave myself up an speed fer Eeli’s door. “Eeli,” I pant as I reach her.

“Tye? Tye? What’s wrong?”

“Let’s git outta here.” I’ve got the key in the door an I’m about to turn it when Wren’s arms wrap around my neck an skweeze. I fite every muscle in my body to remain standin. I gasp what air I can but it ain’t enuff. It ain’t nearly enuff.

I stagger backwards from her wayte an she larfs. “Leave us alone, boy. You’ve no place here.”

“Tye!” Eeli’s screamin my name like I’ve never heard. “Tye!” The door’s rattlin an the key drops out.

I can’t think strate an I dunno what to do. I wanna breathe like I never have done in my life. I ain’t never fort about breathin an now I can’t fink of anyfink else. I swipe back at Wren but she’s at the wrong angle. There ain’t nuffink I can do to git her off.

The fort crashes down on me like a mountain in one second an then my heart takes off, wantin to leave this body cause it’s doomed.

I’m gonna die.



I’m gonna die.

I’m retchin in silence, body convulsin but nuffink’s workin. I want nuffink more than to drop to my hands an nees an throw up the entire contents of my stomach.

Colours look dimmer than they should an stuff’s blurring. Or is it my imagination? I try an take a breath again an I can’t an I’m gonna die an Eeli’ll never know I loved her an all this was worthless an I couldn’t save her an I’m gonna die—

I’m gonne die.

I’m panicking but it don’t matter cause I’m gonna die. My stomach’s in my throat but it ain’t gittin thru Wren’s grip. An I can’t believe she’s gonna kill me.

But I’m still standin.


My nees feel like they’re gonna give in an I’m gonna fall to the floor forever an that’ll be it.

I can’t see nuffink now. Nuffink. All I can feel is my heart an my panic.

I flounder back some more, unable to take the wayte an we touch wall.

An I know I gotta do somefink.

I don’t wanna die.

I’m not gonna die here.

Not today.

I take all my strength cause I reckon I got one go at this. An I pound Wren as hard as I can into the wall. Her grip slacks fer a moment an I take a breath, everyfin a little sharper. But she’s crushin my neck again. But I’m not gonna let that stop me.

I’m throwin her against the wall wiff a thump. As forceful as I can. As much as I can. An I ain’t gonna stop till she lets go.

Or I pass out.

I hammer her against the wall.

Again. Again.

My vision’s gone fuzzy once more an she ain’t let go.

Again. Again.

She’s gotta let go.

Again. Again.

Her grip loosens enuff fer me to croak the word that I’m prayin’s gonna save my life.


His ears shoot up an he’s growlin, bowin low to the floor. He edges closer an Wren lifts her legs higher off the ground.

Everyfin’s goin dark.

I hear Wren say, “Shoo. Go away. Bad dog.”

I collapse to my nees.

I dunno what’s up.

A snarl.

A cry.




I’m breathin. Pantin. Gaspin fer breath. Dizzy. Crazy wiff relief. I wanna larf. I wanna cry. I wanna sleep.

But Eeli.

I pull myself up, ignorin Wren’s howls. I guess Nimmo ain’t a good fer nuffin wimp.

I stumble to the door. “Eeli?” I wheeze.

“Tye?” She gulps. “Is that you? Am I dreamin?”

I pick up the key an put it in the lock. “It’s me,” I say as I open the door.

An then she’s in my arms, legs round my wayste, face buried in my neck. I don’t have the strength to hold her so we tumble to the ground an, like her mother, she don’t let go. But I don’t want her to. I never want her to let go.

“I dint think I would ever see you again.” I feel her tears on my skin an I smile.

“You fink it’s that easy to get rid’a me?”

She rolls off me an as she does my swift nife presses into my leg. I reach into my pocket an curl my hand round it. If I could’a kicked myself, I would’a.

Eeli stands an in the second I hear her wail I see Wren chargin towards us, blood smeared on her arms where Nimmo bit her. But I already got my swift nife in my hand—

An I’m already drawin it out.

An it’s too late.

I’m not finking.

I’m just doing it but—

An Wren’s divin fer me.

There’s a scream.

I fink it’s mine.

An she lands.

Strate on the nife.

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