The Fall of Us

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Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


36. 36

Once prised away from Eeli, Wren takes us thru that door into the back of the builidn where she and Kyan are stayin whilst they’re in Camrose. She don’t let go of Eeli’s hand the whole time.

“You’re lucky you got here in time.” Wren’s smilin. “We’re movin on in a few days. We’re only here still because Camrose is one of my fayvorit towns.”

Wren leads us into a room wiff a big red sofa wiff holes in it an a plain wooden desk.

“Sit down, sit down.” She waves her hand around an all three of us plonk ourselves down on the sofa. I sink more than I expect an almost end up in Eeli’s lap as she’s in the middle. Nimmo don’t know no manners so he just sniffs around, tail a’waggin, tongue a’lollin, all his stress gone fer now. I reckon he’s passed it all into me. “Now don’t you go anywhere.” Wren beams at Eeli. “I just have to get Kyan.” With one last look behind her, she disappears.

Eeli lets out one long breath. “Whoa,” she says.

I larf. “You got that right!” I put my hand on her leg an skweeze. “I don’t fink I’ve bin able to breathe since I heard Kyan singin.”

Eeli shakes her head. “Am I dreamin?” She looks between me and Phee. “Is this actually happenin?”

“I can’t believe it, but yeah.”

Phee shakes his head. “This is one’a them stories people tell an no ones believes em.”

“I don’t even believe it myself,” I say.

We go quiet as we hear Wren an Kyan stormin down the corridor. When they open the door, Wren’s smile’s even bigger than it was before. I ain’t noticed till now but that’s Eeli’s smile rite there on her face. Kyan looks taken aback by Nimmo an cringes as he sees him. Fer some reason that makes me glad.

“Kyan, I’d like you to meet someone.” She leads him into the room.

Kyan drops hisself down on the desk and his face droops a little. “She’s my replacement, isn’t she?”

“Don’t look like that. She’ll need a bit of teaching. I’ll need you for a few moons at least.”

Kyan takes a deep breath an hauls hisself up. “I knew this day would come. It’s part of the job.” He offers his hand to Eeli. “So what kind of miraculous person has stolen my job?”

Eeli has to clear her throat before speakin. “Eeli Star.”

“Elia,” Wren corrects her. “This is Elia. My doorter.”

Kyan’s eyebrows come together an he takes his hand back. “I didn’t know you had a doorter. You never said. I’ve sung Elia’s Song a hundred times. You could have told me.”

“I’m sorry, Kyan. I never thort she’d find me. I never spoke about her because I didn’t want anyone to know. Now she’s back with me, the whole world can know.”

“So . . .” Eeli stands up. “You want me to be yer singin star?”

“Of course I do!” Wren grabs fer her hand.

“Even tho I can’t read?”

Wren presses her lips together and shakes her head. “I’ll teach you your letters, don’t worry. Kyan’ll teach you what it’s like to travel round with me and the band and we can be a family, if you’d like?”

I can see the tears back floodin Eeli’s eyes. “There’s nuffink I want more in this world.” Then she’s in her arms again. Mother an doorter in embrace. They cling to each other as tho they’re scared to let go.

Kyan smiles and skweezes Wren’s shoulda. “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be in my room if you need anything more tonite. Goodnite.” He gives us a little wave an me an Phee nod him goodnite tho he don’t know us. He don’t even know our names, let alone who we are or why we’re here. I guess whatever Wren says goes an he don’t question that.

I want nuffink more than to take Eeli in my arms, skweeze her tite an spin her around but I know Wren ain’t gonna let her go. I clench my hands into fists to stop from sayin anyfink an I plaster a smile to my face. It ain’t her fault she’s her mother. It ain’t her fault I’m the best friend. She don’t know that.

She don’t know nuffink about Eeli. Not like me.

“Well,” Wren says as they part. They still stand close next to each other, like they’re worried they’ll blink an they’ll be gone. “I’ll let your boys stay the nite but they can’t get in our way. We’ll start your lessons in the morning.”

Eeli nods. “They won’t be no trouble. They know how much this means to me.”

Wren shakes her head. “I don’t want you to misunderstand, Elia. They boys have to go.”

Eeli takes a step away from her and Wren’s smile is gone all at once. “What?” Nimmo’s at my side again, cockin his head, watchin Eeli like he knows more’n a dog can.

“I can’t drag them round with us.”

Eeli’s hand goes towards us. Phee takes it in a heartbeat. Fasteren Nimmo can lick it.

“We can help,” he jumps in.

I would’a if my lips weren’t so dry an my mowf could form words. I would’a taken her hand in a breath but I can’t move from my spot. Everythin’s crashin faster on me than anyone else. I feel like there’s a mountain comin down an I’m the only one who can hear the crunchin, only one who can feel the shakin.

“I can help you sort stuff out an be a fetcher an carrier,” Phee’s sayin.

Wren opens her mowf.

“Please.” Eeli’s eyes are big. “Please, Mum.”

Any resolve Wren has washes away rite out the buildin an down the street never to be seen again. After all, I suppose she’s never bin called that in all her years. An fer good reason. Why essackly did she give her only doorter up? Eeli may not seem to care, but I gotta know the reason.

Wren sighs. “Even if you do make yourself useful, I can’t take the both of you. I don’t care which of you stays and which of you goes but by tomorrow morning there can only be one.” She ushers Eeli outta the room. “Let me show you where you’ll sleep.”

They door slams as they leave. Phee’s rite on their tail. “Eeli!” he’s shoutin down the corridor. Nimmo yaps as they leave, scratchin at the door, whimperin.

I can only sit there. I know what’s gonna happen now. I feel like I’ve know it all along. Like I’ve bin preparing myself fer this very moment. Cause seeing her grab fer Phee an him run after her like that. I realise. She’s gotta live her dream.

I gotta let her go.

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