The Fall of Us

©Molly Looby CampNaNoWriMo '14 !

Enter the world of Tye. The Fall has devastated much of the world as we know it but Tye knows nothing else. He and his best friend Eeli are ready to leave their home as soon as they reach thirteen years so that they can be off on their own and be who they want to be and do what they want to do. At last.

Tye and Eeli could never have imagined how dangerous the real world was going to be.


3. 3

After Eeli’s out of songs, the two of us take Harvey, Devlan an Mason to bed, promisin them we won’t leave until we say g’bye tomorrow. As I shut the door of the boys’ room I feel somefin tite in my throat an my eyes sting. I have to blink a couple times so tears don’t trickle out. When I meet Eeli back in the hall, the feelin goes away just like that.

“I can’t believe this is our last nite here,” she shakes her head. “It’s like I’ve bin finkin about it too long an now it don’t feel real.”

“I know.”

She takes my hand as we head back downstairs. I tell Leon I want to hear his story from the beginnin so I can tell it to myself when I’ve got a little time to spare on my travels. He leaps up like he’s on springs an begins at once, like if he dint I mite change my mind. Eeli an I sit either side of Nat on the smaller two seat sofa, our legs all squashed together. As time ticks on as it always does, I rest my head on Nat’s shoulda an breathe in her smell. I can’t help it, she smells like home. It fills my heart wiff calm an I feel more peaceful than I have all day.

On the leather three seat, Renie’s entranced by Leon’s story an Hazel’s playin wiff her hair. Atticus is restin his hand on the arm of the sofa an looks like he’s gonna drop to sleep at any moment. His sister’s already asleep leanin on him. I often wonder what it’d be like to have a twin. Atticus an Andi are never apart an never lonely cause they’ve always got each other. But I suppose I’ve always got Eeli an I’d take her over a twin any day.

I’d never known anyone quite like my Eeli. There’d been dozens of us wiff Nat over the years o’course but there’d never ever bin another Eeli. She was special. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was her energy, her buzzin that drove us all crazy. She couldn’t sit still fer even a moment. Or maybe it was her singin. She was an angel blessin us wiff that beautiful voice an if she couldn’t be a singin star, no one could. But if you was tryin to have a quiet moment, her voice dint half screech in yer ears. She never could be quiet.

Nat pulls Atticus an Andi to bed who wake up immediately an complain that Renie an Leon are younger an should be goin to bed too. Leon don’t stop his story through the noise an Renie don’t stop listenin. Hazel’s finished makin shapes in Renie’s hair an yawns, restin her head back on the cushions. Eeli shuffles up to me an leans on my chest. I wrap my arm around her an rest my head on her hair. We don’t say noffink, we just sit there. It’s not often that me an Eeli ain’t speakin but when we’re not it’s almost like we’re closeren ever.

I can see Leon’s gitten tired after a while cause he’s not waving his arms around so much. Hazel was the next to fall asleep an Renie looks like she’s strugglin to keep her eyes open. Eeli’s breathin softly on my teeshirt an I’m gitten warm wiff her so close. Leon has to stop mid thought to yawn an then he can’t remember his place.

“I fink I can remember the rest from here, Leon, fank you. It was great. But I fink I better git some sleep.”

He smiles at me. “Fanks, Tye. G’nite.” He disappears upstairs an Renie follows him.

Nat ruffles Hazel’s hair an kisses her forehead to rouse her before followin her upstairs too.

“Eeli,” I whisper in her ear. “Eeli you won’t believe this.”

She blinks her eyes open an makes a groanin sound.


She sits up an sees the empty room.

“We’re the last ones up.”

She seems awake at once. “No way! Remember all them times we’d try an sneak downstairs to play when we fort Nat was in bed!”

I nod. “Remember that time when Nat dint catch us till the morning when we was asleep on the sofas.”

“An now we’ve done it again.” She sighs. “It’s funny, but it’s not as fun when it’s this easy.”

“Yeah,” I stand up an pull her up wiff me, stuffin my blanket into the waist band of my bottoms. I stand by the candle next to the wobbly bookcase and take in the livin room in the gentle lite.

“I hope we find a place like this.”

“We?” I raise my eyebrows at her. “I fort I was just folowin you while I figure out what to do?”

“Well we can’t be far away from each other. Who else am I gonna talk to?”

“People?” I answer, blowin the candle out an headin up the stairs. “Yer adorin fans?”

She chuckles. “You know yer my number one fan, Tye.”

“I reckon no one can take that space.”

Nat says g’nite as she disappears into her room an Eeli an I are left in the hall wiff the last candle.

“We better git some sleep,” Eeli looks at the door behind her. “I don’t fink we’ll git to sleep on a bed fer a while now.”

“Yeah I guess yer rite.” I skweeze her hand. “Nite, Eeli.”

“Nite, Tye.”

It’s the image of her smilin face that I keep in my head as I blow out the candle an fumble into the boys’ room, bangin my shin on the bed as I climb up to my top bunk. I shuffle down under my blanket an put the blue one next to me on my pillow. All I can do is look at it, even though it’s too dark to see. My mother held me in this blanket, my father too. I rested my face against it an breathed it in. It only smelt of Nat o’course, my parents had bin long since washed from it. But there in that moment I was closer to em than I’d ever bin in what must’a bin twelve an a half years.

Though I’m tired, I end up starin at the ceilin as though it had somethin to say to me. There’s black marks in places an cobwebs in the corner though I know no spiders live in em. I stare so much my eyes sting an it feels like they’re burrowin into my skull to hide from my questions. Cause what do I want to do? What was my dream? I can’t just follow Eeli round forever, she’ll git bored of me. It was easy fer her, she knew what she wanted. She’d always known. I’m not good at noffink an I don’t particularly like anyfink that much. I just go about my day as I always have. I like playing wiff everyone but that’s not gittin me nowhere.

I shoot up an smack my head on the ceilin, my heart poundin.

I’m dead still, listenin fer the disturbance. I hear Leon snickerin from the other bunk an Mason sniffle in his sleep in the bunk under mine. It’s then I hear it again.

“Tye,” the whipser spills through the door.

“Ah, hell,” I mutter as I drag myself up, jumpin offa my bunk, lowerin into a crouch, stayin still as not to wake Atticus, Mason an Harvey. I prod Leon in the ribs before scurryin outta the door an pullin Eeli into the hall wiff me.

“Cheers fer the bump on the head,” I groan as I rub where it stings. It don’t help much.

I can’t see much but I imagine she rolls her eyes. “You’d fink you’d remember you was on the top bunk by now. Yer too big to be sittin up like that.”

“You scared the life outta me. Anyway yer just jealous I got the top an you got stuck in the middle.”

“I let Devlan have the top to shut her whinin when she moved into the girls’ room an I’ve regretted it every nite. You try havin her rollin around all nite above you an Hazel snorin unnerneath.”

I chuckle an she claps her hand over my mowf hard.

“Ow!” I say into her hand.

“Shut it! Nat’ll blame me fer Dixie’s cryin again.”

I grin an lick her palm.

She squeals an recoils. “Disgustin, Tye, really.”

“S’not my problem Nat blames you. If you weren’t so bleedin loud all the time.”

“I’m not loud.”

I larf, makin her shadowy form huff. “So whaddya want anyhow? What’s so important you gave me a bump on the head an almost woke the whole house?”

“I wouldn’ta woken them.”

“You woulda if you’d kept hissin like that. You was lucky I was awake.”

“You can’t sleep neither?”

I shook my head. “I can’t stop finking bout tomorrow.” I prod my toes into the ground an move them from side to side, watchin em.

“Me too.” She shakes her head, I can feel her hair swishin. “I can’t sleep. Not one wink.”

We’re both quiet a moment, waitin fer the other one to say it.

She gives in wiff a sigh. “I’m scared.”

I nod. “Me too.”

She smiles. “We’ll be alrite though, rite?”

“I’m sure of it. If Nat was alrite raisin a bunch of kids by herself we’ll be fine too.”


“At least you know what yer lookin fer.”

“That don’t make sleep any easier.” She takes my hand. “I was wunderin if I could crawl in wiff you like when we was little.”

“Nat would flip out.”

“We’ll be rid of her tomorrow.” Eeli’s grin lites up her whole face. It’s that smile that means everyfin’s fine an it makes me feel a hundred times better.

“No more stoopid rules an bein shouted at.”

“No more worryin about wakin up the whole house,” she giggles.

“We can do whatever we want. We could sleep outside an watch the stars.”

“We can build fires an climb on the ruins.”

“We can explore all the ruins we want.”

She’s in my arms at once, skweezin me hard. “It’ll fun, just you an me. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Me too. We’ll fin you a job as a singin star no problem.”

She nods an drops back down to her normal hite, lettin goa me. “So I guess we’ve got time to have some fun first.”

“Time to figure out what the hell I’m gonna do.”

We tiptoe into my room an I put my finger over my lips an look at Leon. He don’t seem too surprised that Eeli’s there. We climb up into my bunk an try not to argue so I shove Eeli up wiffout a word. Atticus stirs an gives me this questionin look as I try an skweeze in next to Eeli.

We shuffle down under my covers an our faces are so close. Eeli’s hand touches the blanket and she wrinkles her nose up in confusion.

“Where’d this come from?”

“Nat gave it to me. I was found in it. It’s got my name on it an everyfink.”

Her eyes go wide.

“I always fort that Nat’d called me Tye.”

“It suits you. I’m glad you know yer name. I’m lucky I know mine. I remember so much about my mum.” She sighs. “I wish you could too.”

I don’t say noffink to this cause I don’t believe what she says about her mum. It changes like the wind. She don’t know noffink, but I don’t want to upset her.

“Do you ever miss em, Tye? Even though you dint know em?”

I shrug. “Sometimes. But I can’t imagine knowin em. They could come visit an I wouldn’t know em.”

“You would. I’m sure you would.”

“Nah,” I shake my head. “I barely recognise myself.”

“I’d know her,” Eeli whispers. “I know I would.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Cause I’d hear it, in her voice. If I heard my mum speakin, I’d know it. I’d know the voice from my song anywhere.” She rests her head on my shoulda, shuttin her eyes. “G’nite, Tye.”

I wrap my arms around her. “Nite, Eeli.” Wiff her warmth surroundin me, I droop strate to sleep, my worryin quiet fer now at least.

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