The Institute

After waking up from his two-year coma, Axel finds himself in a world where he can't find his family, where nobody will help him, and where the entire country has been taken over by a corporation called the Institute.


10. 9

June 8
7:45 PM
the Institute, main headquarters


My eyes fly open to the sound of a creaking, screeching gate. It’s a terrible sound. I cover my ears with my hands to block out the noise.

     Hold it! I covered my ears with my hands! I’m not paralyzed anymore! I jump up on my heels in the trunk of the truck, when the car stops. Immediately when I hear voices I lie back down in the position I was in and listen intently.

     “…too harsh on him to bring him here?” says one voice. It’s squeaky and high but male.
     “Nah, he deserves it. If the boss says to bring him to Master Kings’s cruelty, then he must deserve it,” says a more masculine voice.
     “But the boss overreacts all the time.”
There was a pause. So these guys are the losers who brought me here, huh? They must be.
     Then: “Hey, I’ve been thinking,” said squeaky voice. “What if this kid was some sort of decoy? What if he was trying to get caught by us for the sake of an infiltration of rebels of some sort?”

     The other guy thought for a moment. “You know…you may have a point. But there’s nothing the kid can do for now. I freeze-tazed him. He’ll stay like that for at least 7 more hours or so. C’mon, let’s go…,” their voices fade into the distance as they walk away.
     I got out of the freeze-taze early. What’s that supposed to mean? Does it have something to do with my strength? I think as I sit up again, ready to go. I don’t care. I have to get out of here.


After 5 minutes or so of waiting for life outside the truck, I kick the door a couple of times, and it creaks open. I step out into the sun, which was setting. Standing in a dim parking lot in the midst of identical white trucks in what might be the biggest building I’ve ever seen. The gate stands high in front of me, and I could probably climb over it if I tried, but I decide to take a more illogical way out and run deep into the parking lot to look for some way to escape.
     Finally, I see a blinking white light that read ‘EXIT’ and make a zipline for it. Inside is a staircase that seems that it doesn’t end, ever. But it’s my only lead, so I run up the thing with full stamina.

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