Being a Payne

My name is Casey. Casey Payne. You guys would know my father, Liam Payne. His former bandmates' daughters all hate me. Well, except one, Julia. The rest make my life hell, but no one cares. My father was never the most popular one out of his band. One year ago something happened. It wasn't even my fault, but it made Leighton hate me. I'm making these vlogs to get the true story out there. This is my story.


3. Chapter 3

*video starts up*

Hey guys, it's Casey again. After that day in Mr. Harvey's office, Ethan came up to me after school. We made some small talk, but eventually he turned to me and said, "Why are you blowing everyone on the football team?" 


"Excuse me?" I say incredulously.

"I said, why are you blowing everyone on the football team?"

I laugh awkwardly. 

"Ethan you can't possibly believe them!"

"Really? I heard them telling anyone who would listen that you would do it for FIVE POUNDS."

"Ethan, who are you going to believe, your friend or those idiots?!"

"I.... I don't know what to think anymore."

"Why not?! I'm you're best friend!"

"Well...You were giving me mixed signals......"


"Well I mean, we snuggled at your house while we watched the movie, and you tell me all you problems, and you're always hugging me....."

I looked down.... I realized how much that seemed like I fancied him.

"Ethan, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize how much that looked like I fancied you. I just want you to be my friend, nothing more."

Ethan looks up, the pain clear in his eyes. 

"Well then, I guess we're not on the same page."


"No, hear me out. When I first saw you during the first grade, I wanted to talk to you so badly, but I was too shy to do so. I was so happy when you forgot your crayons, because it gave me a reason to talk to you. When we became friends, I was so happy. In the sixth grade, I realized that I had fallen in love with you," Ethan was crying at this point, "I watched you get your first crush, and I comforted you when he crushed your heart. I saw you get your first boyfriend. I wanted to punch his face in when he bragged to all the boys in the locker room in eighth grade about him being your first snog. He treated you like a toy. He didn't deserve you, because you were too good for him. I was furious at him when you came crying at my house after school because he had dumped you. I realized that I was stuck being your friend, never anything more, so I decided to go out with Leighton, and yes, I know you hate her," he said as I eyed him,"I thought that if I was with her, then I could forget about you, but all is saw was how you giggled when someone told you something mildly funny, but then when you were full out laughing that meant that they were hilarious. I noticed how you always cut all of your food into small pieces before you ate them. I saw the way you looked someone directly in the eyes when they were talking to you, always assertive. After the day with the concussion, Leighton was whining to me about how bitchy you were for pushing her down in the cafeteria, but I saw that she had slipped so I called her out on her lies. She started screaming at me about how I'm a bad boyfriend and such, so I ditched her. I came over to you house to watch movies to make you feel better, and when you leaned on my chest, snuggled under the blanket, I realized that was where I wanted to be, forever, with you in my arms. I though you fancied me as well, you always came to me, you never ignored me, and you were always so comfortable around me. So Casey, I'm sorry for being an idiot and not seeing this earlier. I'm not going to stand here and be tortured by you forever. I'm done Casey, I'm so done."

Ethan turns around and walks away.

"Ethan wait!"

He turns around and glares at me.

"There is nothing that you can possibly say that can make this better."

I flinched at the venom in his voice. 

"I- I'm sorry Ethan."

He sneered at me.

"Sorry isn't good enough."

*End of flashback*

So um Ethan said some things that really affected my friendship with him, so that's over. Great. My only friend has left me. Well, not my only friend. I still have Julia, but sadly she can't sit with me at lunch every day. Leighton said she would end me, but I will not give in to her. I have things that I can do during lunch. I don't mind going off campus for lunch, and I have my friends from the drama department, it's just that none of them are as close to me as Ethan is. I'll manage as long as it means that Leighton won't get to me. So far no one at my school has seen my videos, but I really couldn't care less about whether or not they see this, but I do know that I'm going o be hated for this, but i couldn't care less. These video diaries help me deal with what has happened, and they will help me in the future. So If you don't like what I'm doing here, then you know what? No one is forcing you to watch these videos, so you can just leave and not come back, I don't really care. As I said, I'm doing this for myself, not for the views. See ya, and oh, Julia? I love that you made this website, but can you make it less plain? Yeah that would be nice. Kay See ya. 

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