Being a Payne

My name is Casey. Casey Payne. You guys would know my father, Liam Payne. His former bandmates' daughters all hate me. Well, except one, Julia. The rest make my life hell, but no one cares. My father was never the most popular one out of his band. One year ago something happened. It wasn't even my fault, but it made Leighton hate me. I'm making these vlogs to get the true story out there. This is my story.


1. Chapter 1

 *Video Starts*

Hey there. It's me. Casey Payne. Of course, you already know that. Welcome to my vlog page. If you're from my school, you were probably sent here by one of your friends. If you're not from my school, then welcome to the story of my life. The reason I'm making these vlogs (yes its a plural, I will be making more) is because a lot of stuff is being said about me at school, and a lot of stuff is happening, so um.... I just wanted to get the story straight. My friend Julia gave me the idea to do these vlogs to get the story straight with you people. Remember Julia? Big blue eyes? Bleached blonde hair? Moved to Ireland recently? Daughter of Niall Horan? Yeah, her. She's currently my only friend in this whole school. Well, no one wants to be friends with the boyfriend-stealing STD freak. Well, at least that's what my whole school thinks thanks to Leighton. She's Harry Styles's daughter, and her-along with her crew, Emma Tomlinson and Victoria Malik- decided to make my life hell, and have everyone at school hate me, along with my older brother Cory. 

This whole thing started about a year ago, when I was a sophmore. Leighton was dating my best guy friend Ethan, the hottest guy in grade 10, for almost six months. Even though Leighton is gorgeous, that can't hide her shit personality. She treated Ethan like crap during their whole relationship, and for the longest time he didn't see it. At one point though, he realized that Leighton was only interested in him because of his looks. He used to tell me how Leighton would freak out is Ethan wanted to spend Saturdays with his friends instead of going shopping with her, and how when he wanted to spend time with her she would claim to be "busy", and how she would totally freak out every time he mentioned my name. She was overly attached but at the same time, refused to give him any attention. I felt bad for Ethan. We had been best friends since he offered to share his crayons with me in first grade when I forgot mine at home, and to see Leighton treating him in a such a way made me furious. So, one day during lunch, I confronted her. I started yelling at her about how she could treat Ethan so awfully, when he had always been so nice. Needless to say, she got pissed off. She stood up and walked over to me, but slipped on some mashed potato someone had dropped about a foot in front of me. I reached down to help her up, but she refused my help, so I walked back to my table and continued eating. Later that day, I was called down to the principal's office. It turns out Leighton had a mild concussion, and she -along with four 'witnesses'- claimed that I had shoved her to the ground. I got a week suspension for this incident. During that week, I was telling Ethan what had happened and I was basically just badmouthing the bitch. Ethan -being the best friend ever- sat there and listened to me rant for hours on end, and then came over and watch Monsters Inc. with me to make me feel better. 

When I returned back to school, everyone was talking about how Ethan had ditched Leighton faster than she ditches fake Pradas. That day at lunch, Ethan asked me to go on a date with him. Now, I don't fancy Ethan, he's like a brother to me, so I guess you could say it was awkward. Anyways, so I turned him down, and of course the whole school heard about that in two days, which is when Leighton approaches me. 


Leighton, Victoria and Emma approached me. They had nearly identical sneers on their faces. 

"Hey Casey," said Leighton.

I looked at her, quite annoyed. 

"What do you want Leighton?"

"You think that you are so smart? Convincing your little friend to ditch me? SO that you could date him? But then you decided to crush his heart as well? You thought that would break me?"

I looked at her confusedly.

"Um.... Yeah.... About that... I never told him to do anything... That was totally his own decision. And, for your information, I don't fancy him."

"Yeah right," she scoffed, "Anyways, I just wanted to inform YOU that you will regret this. I'm gonna make your life hell."

*end flashback*

Yeah so, after that, she left. I honestly didn't worry that much. What can she do? Spread a rumor about me? I couldn't care less. I was never popular in school. My dad was never one of the popular members of One Direction, even after he got all of his tattoos and changed his hair. It grosses me out at school whenever I accidentally hear what other girls in my grade want to do to him. He's MARRIED just so you know. Just because my mom is dead doesn't mean he doesn't still love her. Not to mention he's also like three times your age girls. Anyways, I never imagined that Mirlotta would do anything that could actually have any permanent damage. Rumors come and go in our school faster than Ethan stopped being my friend after I rejected him. I never thought she would do anything of THIS proportion though.

So yeah. That's it for this vlog. I'll post another one whenever I feel like it. And creds to Julia for creating this website. See ya

*video ends*


 *a/n* I am sososososososososo SORRY that I used the name Mirlotta!!!! I thought i just saw it on a tumblr or i heard it around school which is why i used it!! i changed the name to leighton now, no offense to all the leightons out there. and just saying, mirlotta is a real name. I checked. Once more im sososososo sorry to the real mirlotta who is actually a really nice person so yeah 

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