Two Kinds Of Love

Julia is just an ordinary girl with and ordinary life. She goes to Jackson High School, has brown hair, blue eyes and one amazing best friend. Louis. Louis has gone to school with her since they met when they were kids. Nothing could seperate them. Infact, they grow closer and closer every day...


5. What Happened?!

"LOUIS!" I shouted, tears filling up my eyes.

"J-Julia.." He was in so much pain. Why were they doing this? What had he ever done? I thought he was popular?! So many questions were going through my mind at once but I didnt have time to think about them now. I turned to the bullys.

"WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS?!" I screamed. I wasnt scared of them, they would never hit a girl.

"Hi to you too, Julia" He said sarcasticly.

"Just tell me what fucking happened!!" I shouted again not as loud.

"Well why dont you ask your night and shinning armour over there." Hepointed to where Louis was lying holding his stomach. I was so confused. What did he mean? Oh well I would ask him later, I needed to get him to the nurse. I just gave the bullys daggers and grabbed Louis"

"C'mon Lou, I'll take you to the nurse." I picked him up and put one arm round my shoulder.


Louis was lying on the bed and I was sitting by his side, holding his hand.


"Y-yeah Julia?.."

"What happened out there?.."

It was silent.

Louis's P.O.V

The pain was unbareable, but so was the thought of losing my best friend...and the girl I secretly love. I couldnt tell her the truth. The words just wouldnt come out.

"Ummm...Well..You..You know that new guy, Harry?"

"Yeah..Im going to a party with him tomorrow." She said smiling a little.

"WHAT?! NO YOU CANT!" I shouted.

"WHY NOT?! Your not the boss of me."

"You cant because...because he's not the charming person you think he is." I Blurted out.

"He has a reputation from his old schools that he uses girls for sex. He brings them to places, gets them drunk and has sex with them. I found out and tried to stop him from going near you. The only reason he asked you is so that I would get hurt!That was when his friends started punching me." I had to tell her everything, she needed to know what she was getting into!

"W-what...?, your lying!" She shouted, kind of confused

"Im not! I swear!"

"I trust Harry, he likes me and I like him." She walked out tears running down her cheeks. And I lost her. She was gone.


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