Two Kinds Of Love

Julia is just an ordinary girl with and ordinary life. She goes to Jackson High School, has brown hair, blue eyes and one amazing best friend. Louis. Louis has gone to school with her since they met when they were kids. Nothing could seperate them. Infact, they grow closer and closer every day...


10. We Cant Stop

Julia's P.O.V

So the party's tonight and I have to look my very best. I have never actually been to a  real high school party before so I really have to make a good first impression. I called Harry to ask what to wear.

*phone ringing*


"Hey Harry, I was just wondering what I should wear to the party tonight?"

"Oh eh..the other girls usually wear like mini skirts and crop tops or something?...or a little party dress.."

" slutty then..." I kinda giggled

"Yeah a bit, haha"

"I'll see what I can do." I hung up the phone. Now I was scared. I have to dress slutty?! So basically he wants me to show up with my boobs showing and ass hanging out...great. My parents will never let me leave the house looking like a total skank. I called my friend Samantha, we were pretty close. Shes in most of my classes and stuff.

*phone rings*

"Hey Julia, whats up?"

"Well I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour..?"

"Em...sure what is it?"

"Well, i have this party tonight and Its my first real one so I want to make a good first impression. I was basically told to come dressed like a slut but my parents would never allow it.." She cut me off.

"Ohhh I see, You are thinking of dressing normal and then sneaking to mine to change into a slut before the party? Yeah, Ive heard that before" She laughed.

"Oh my god, so is that a yes? pleasseeee" I begged.

"Fine. What time?"

"Around 7:30?"

"Okay, bye"

"See yah"

Phew, My life was saved. Now I just need to pack up some slutty clothes in my bag to get changed at Samantha's place. After I did that I did my hair and makeup. At 7:10 I left my house, Samantha doesnt live that far away from me so had plenty of time. When I got there I knocked on her door, she answered.

"Come in" She said.

"Thanks for letting me do this, its just that its really important to me." I said as I walked in.

"Its fine, follow me to my room. You can change in there."

I was ready for the party soon after so I gave Samantha a light hug to say thanks and left. Harry arrived and picked me up.

"Wow, you look fantastic." He said, starring at my boobs.

"T-thanks.." I said a little nervous.

Then he drove off to the party.


So yeah Samantha, I decided to put you in a bit early cause she needed a friend for that part, hope you dont mind me making you Julia's good friend? Well anyway hope you guys enjoyed! xo





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