Two Kinds Of Love

Julia is just an ordinary girl with and ordinary life. She goes to Jackson High School, has brown hair, blue eyes and one amazing best friend. Louis. Louis has gone to school with her since they met when they were kids. Nothing could seperate them. Infact, they grow closer and closer every day...


2. First Day- Part 2

Authors note~Hey guys! This is part two of Julia's first day back at school for the term. I think this part is better because it sort of brings out Louis's feelings and that is what i will be doing for the next chapter or two:)


We arrived at school, Louis had his arm around my neck. There were people everywhere hugging and greeting as they havn't seen eachother in a while. There was couples snogging and shoving eachothers tounges down their throats..I guess thats the new Hello for teenaged relationships...

Anyway, Louis and I walked to our lockers and grabbed our books.

"What you got first?" He asked while sorting through his textbooks.

"English, you?" I replied.

"Maths." He said with a sigh and rolling his eyes.

The bell rang and we never saw eachother again until lunch. I find it sad that im in none of the same classes and Louis. We hardly see eachother at school!


I sat with Louis at lunch, we were talking about our classes and how they were. I was also sitting with Jenna,Alex and Sam, they are some of Louis's friends. I get along with them pretty well. Lunch was okay until the Oueen of the sluts,Tanya and her minions arrived at our table.

"Hey ugly, why are you sitting here? Dont you know the loser table is over there?" She said nastily as she pointed over at the table with a couple of nerds on it.

Before I could say anything back Louis jumped straight up and I swear he looked like he would hit her.

"What do you want, Tanya?" He growled.

"Well actually I came over to tell you that were going out tonight, Pick me up at 8:00 and look nice. Oh who am I kidding, your always so fucking hot." She threw herself on him but he shoved her away and brushed himself off.

"I wouldnt go out with you if you were the last girl on earth. Your a Slut,bully and under that sea of makeup theres the face of a troll." He snapped back at her harshly.

"I-I..Umm.." She stuttered. She was shocked and didnt know what to say. "Uck fine." She gave me daggers and clicked her fingers for her gang to follow her out.

"Thanks Louis, I love you so much" I said smiling. I couldnt believe what he did for me.

"No problem. I-I- love you too, Princess. You know id do anything for you.." He squeezed tight, tears filling his eyes.

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