Two Kinds Of Love

Julia is just an ordinary girl with and ordinary life. She goes to Jackson High School, has brown hair, blue eyes and one amazing best friend. Louis. Louis has gone to school with her since they met when they were kids. Nothing could seperate them. Infact, they grow closer and closer every day...


1. First Day- Part 1

Author's note~ Hey guys, thanks for clicking on my movella! This is my first one so please read and comment what you think. Tell me if i should do more or whatever...Yeah:)

Enjoy!! xox


Julia's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, It was 7:00 am on a Monday morning. Back to school after the holidays, not even out of bed yet and already dreading it...

I got up, took a shower, got dressed and did my hair. I had long, brown hair with lighter streaks in it. I wore a graffiti style tank top, denim shorts, a blue headband and my blue vans. After i was all ready for school, i went downstairs for breakfast.

"Hey dad" I said coming into the kitchen.

"Hey pal" He replied. My dad calls me pal a lot, we are really close because my mum walked out on us when I was little and thats why we moved to Jackson Ville.

He had to go to work so he put down my breakfast and kissed my forehead

"Bye, have a good first day sweetheart"

"Bye dad"

I was having my breakfast when I hear a loud car horn beeping from outside, at the same time I got a text saying- "Im outside, hurry up!x~BooBear" So i grabbed my things, put my plate away, checked myself in the mirror one more time and ran out the door. Outside i saw my best friend in the whole world leaning on his car grinning at me.

"Hey Lou!" I called happily,

"Hey!" He called back.

"You look beautiful, Princess" He said while opening the passenger side door.

"Thanks, you dont look too bad yourself." I said as he gave me a wink and hoped into his side.

Then we were off to school.

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