Two Kinds Of Love

Julia is just an ordinary girl with and ordinary life. She goes to Jackson High School, has brown hair, blue eyes and one amazing best friend. Louis. Louis has gone to school with her since they met when they were kids. Nothing could seperate them. Infact, they grow closer and closer every day...


9. Authours Note!

Owwww shiz be gettin real nowww;) Sorry my chapters are getting short, Ill try and do better in the future x

Thanks to Mrs.SamStyles for being the first to comment, I will put you in my story as Niall's love interest. You may not be in it for a while because I need a couple more before they start going in:)

The only available boys are~Zayn,Liam,Harry [for a kind of twist;)]

If you dont want to be with one of the boys and just a character I might be able to squeeze you in somewhere;)


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