Grave Of Flowers

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  • Published: 2 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 2 Aug 2013
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Aegina is a young nymph when she meets Zeus, the king of the gods. He takes an interest in her and, full of naivety, she thinks he is in love with her. But what are Zeus's real plans for her and can she say no to the most powerful god of all?


3. Captive

I had only been awake a few seconds, and was beginning to stretch, when I felt the talons close around my outstretched arms and lift me clean off my feet. I screamed, but already the eagle had lifted me out of the river and we were too far above for anyone to hear my screams. Corinth looked so tiny beneath me, as we swooped through clouds that drenched me in their damp early morning freshness. I don't know how long we flew for, it could have been minutes, or hours or days. I was shaking and could feel the talons digging into my flesh. When we finally landed, the eagle dropped me in the mouth of a cave and I lay there, panting, my arms stiff and cut. Seconds later, I watched at the eagle's feathers disappointed, how it's beak shrank into lips and it's wings lengthened and rippled out, twisting into arms and fingers. I watched it's bony legs grow wide and it's plump body rise and ripple into muscles. I watched as the eagle turned into Zeus. I screamed again and tried to pull myself away from him. What was he thinking! Had he kidnapped me? I thought he said I was beautiful? Did he treat all his women like this? But I already knew the answer to that.

“Hello Aegina. I have missed you. I'm sorry if I hurt you, but I had to take you somewhere nobody could see us. I want you, you see.” He was coming towards me now, and I was frightened.

“Please don't Zeus, I want to go back, please don't come any closer.” I was surprised that he stopped and his eyes drooped. He suddenly looked both angry and sad.

“I'm the king of the gods! I am the best there is! You, nymph, should feel honoured! I have chosen you! I want you, above all others! I have taken you here, where we can be safe and be together! Don't you like me?” His words made me squirm, and I didn't know what to think anymore. He was the first man who had ever shown any attraction to me, and he was the mightiest god. But I was still only young. And what would Hera do to me? My father had told me terrible stories of what she had done to other mortals and nymphs who had been caught with Zeus.

“What about Hera? She will hurt me! I don't want to upset any of the gods!” At the mention of his wife, Zeus dropped to his knees and came towards me, until he was in front of me. He unclenched both my hands and, upon seeing the diamond from yesterday, picked it up and put it on the cave floor before slipping his hands into mine. He gazed into my eyes just as he had done yesterday. I didn't feel safe like yesterday though, I felt trapped. What would he do to me if I didn't do as he asked? And what would Hera do to me if I did?

“Don't you worry about Hera. I will make sure nobody ever hurts you, Aegina. I want you, I love you. I will treasure you, I swear. I want to protect you. Let me love you, I can give you precious things. I will make it so you are the most lovely woman in the universe, lovelier than all your sisters, lovelier than all the goddesses put together. I shall be the envy of every mortal and god alike, for you shall be mine. For always.” His voice got quieter and quieter as he spoke, and his words were so beautiful I wanted him to talk forever. He was looking at me like I was the loveliest thing he had ever seen, and he let go of one of my hands and began stroking my cheek.

“Do you really love me?” I whispered, my voice shaking with nerves. He smiled and kissed my hand.

“Yes, Aegina, I truly love you.” And he leant in and kissed me on my trembling lips. He was warm and tasted golden. But as he leant into me, I was scared. What was I doing? Had my father not told em enough of Zeus? My father! I pushed him off.

“My father, my father, he doesn't know where I am! Oh, Zeus, let me go to him, please, please! I cannot leave him, he will be searching everywhere for me!” But at my words all of his softness had gone.

“Listen, girl, I have told you what I will do for you and in return you need to let me have you. Be quiet and everything will be fine. I want you and I will get you. Just shut up and kiss me.” His voice was gruff and his lips now were hot and rough, pushing into me, hurting me. He pushed me back onto the ground of the cave and pulled himself on top of me. He was heavy and too warm, I was sweating all over and trembling. I couldn't move, he was too big. He had me exactly where he wanted me. I struggled and cried but he just kissed my mouth closed and pinned me down. I don't know how long it lasted. But he wasn't loving even a tiny bit by the end. He was like an animal, except more desperate and vicious.

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