Grave Of Flowers

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  • Published: 2 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 2 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
Aegina is a young nymph when she meets Zeus, the king of the gods. He takes an interest in her and, full of naivety, she thinks he is in love with her. But what are Zeus's real plans for her and can she say no to the most powerful god of all?


2. Another encounter

When I woke, I was laying on the soft banks of my father's river. My sisters had gone dancing and playing without me, it was nearly midday and they had not woken me. I felt the tears slide from my cheeks at the thought of spending all my days like this, all alone. The tears dripped on the ground and turned into flowers. I loved it when my father made that happen. I turned and smiled to where I thought he would be. But it wasn't my father's face I found myself gazing into. It was the handsome god from yesterday. Zeus. I hastily wiped the tears fro my cheeks. His bright green eyes twinkled with amusement as he noted my embarrassment.

“It's alright little Nymph. I'm not going to hurt you. I just wondered where you were, you weren't with your sisters when I went and visited them, and I missed you.” Now, I had been told many stories of Zeus, of how his pretty words got the better of many a Nymph, mortal and goddess alike. I blushed and mumbled back,

“I didn't think you noticed me. Nobody else does.” I knew this wasn't true, but I wanted his compliments, I wanted to show stupid Ayana that I wasn't a silly girl.

“Of course I noticed you, who wouldn't. You are by far the prettiest Nymph I have ever seen. What's your name, little one?” His teeth were white and his smile was wide as he took my hand and helped me to my feet. His hand was warm and strong, and I don't know whether it was just me, but his touch sent little lightning bolts racing through my skin.

“Aegina, daughter of Asopus.” He smiled and I heard him whisper my name under his breath.

“You are very lovely, Aegina, I have never seen beauty like yours. I should like to see a lot more of you, little nymph.” And he leant in and kissed me on the cheek. I had never been touched by any men except my father, so his boldness shocked me. But just as I was going to push him away and tell him he was very rude, he had disappeared. I put my hand onto my cheek, and rubbed the spot he had kissed me. It was warmer than anywhere else, and as I pulled my hand away, I found a lovely gem in my hand. It sparkled like his eyes and was the same shade of emerald green. I made a wreath of lilies and placed it in the center.



All my sisters were so jealous, when they saw the beautiful diamond, but I didn't tell them where it was from, that was mine and Zeus's secret. That night, I lay in the rivers calm waters and held it tightly in my hand, smiling, smiling, for the king of the gods had said I was lovely, not green haired Ayana, or lovely dark eyed Pelena, but me, little Aegina. Then, I was so innocent to the ways of men. I thought all there was to love was kisses and sweet words. So that's what I dreamed of that night, swaying in the reeds of my fathers kingdom. I dreamt of a secret island where Zeus could love me and give me pretty things and we would kiss and play games in the sunlight. I don't know if gods can see Nymphs dreaming, but when I woke, I could hear Zeus's laughter echoing in my head. That was, until the eagle came.

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