Grave Of Flowers

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  • Published: 2 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 2 Aug 2013
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Aegina is a young nymph when she meets Zeus, the king of the gods. He takes an interest in her and, full of naivety, she thinks he is in love with her. But what are Zeus's real plans for her and can she say no to the most powerful god of all?


4. All Alone

Far below us, in Corinth, my father was in a rage. He had searched every last drop of his rivers for me, had run screaming through all the forests, calling out for me and weeping. None of my sisters knew where I was. But,when Asopus asked Ayana of my whereabouts, she was still so desperately jealous, she said,

“She's probably run away with Zeus, I saw him he come to see her yesterday morning and the whole day she was wearing some stupid gem around her head. He probably gave it to her.” At these words my father cursed the heavens and, being a god, he soared up, following the trail the eagle left in the sky. He knew where I was. And he knew what he would do with me.


When Zeus was done, I was bruised all over and there was blood on the cave floor. He quickly got off me and I was disgusted to see he was smiling.

“Thank you, Aegina. Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?” His breath was still coming in gasps but I couldn't speak for fear I would be sick. He pulled me too my feet and tried to fix my dress where he had torn it. But it was bloodied and tattered, like my heart. All the beauty he had promised me had gone, and the blue sky outside looked sour. I looked at this great god. His mouth was open and he was still panting. His toga was back on and the sweat glistened on his skin. But he no longer looked mighty to me. He looked like a desperately unhappy man who got his pleasure by using his power to take purity from pretty girls. Zeus had long ago lost his might. For what was he really? A god who had lived to long and had lost the joy of immortality. He was scared really, underneath it all, scared of what he had become. A thief. Stealing women to use for himself before returning to his angry wife. I was about to say this, no longer scared, I felt empowered, but that's when I saw my father stride into the cave.

“What are you doing girl! How many times have I told you, you are to remain pure!” His face had lost all of it's calm and it was blue with anger. He no longer looked loving, and as his hand cam up behind his head to strike me, Zeus picked me up and flung me, like a stone, out of the cave door and down into the ocean below. The wind lashed all around me and I screamed and screamed, all the horror of the day coming out and filling the air around me. But, as I made contact with the ocean, I didn't sink. I lay on the surface. But then, a strange sensation began to run up and down my body. I tried to swim, but my body wouldn't respond, I tried to scream, but my mouth had closed up. I could feel my body merging together like clay, growing, both upwards and outwards. I could no longer breathe, but I no longer needed to, I could feel the sea lapping at my beaches, but I couldn't see the sand. I felt trees spring up from my chest, felt the scamper of feet running across my navel. I felt all this. But I could see nothing. I could hear nothing. I was nothing. I was a soul, trapped in a cage. I was alone.


To this day, I still wonder if Zeus meant to save me, or was simply done with me. I don't know if he came to the island. I do feel feet running over me. But the first feet that came tore up my trees, flooded my beaches and killed my animals. But I don't think that was Zeus. I realise now that was Hera. She always had to inflict pain, even when no pain was needed. I'm always in enough pain as it is. Cloaked in darkness, muted by soil, but still alive, still wondering. Still remembering. During those first few centuries, I foolishly hoped that my father would sense my presence and free me from my cage, but I now know that my cage has no key. I am forever imprisoned. I am trapped. I only have my memories. They keep me going. I cling on to them like a mother to her babies. I remember what I was and if I had eyes, I would weep, if I had a mouth, but I don't. I don't have anything but scars. And the blood tears of lost innocence. I am broken, shattered into a thousand pieces. But, then again, I am whole. Now, I do not wander aimlessly through woods, I do not listen to my fathers stories and dream of love. Now, I do not feel jealous of my beautiful sisters, nor do I follow young fishermen. Instead, I feel the patter of tiny feet, and the thump of large ones. I feel up through rocks and soil, I feel into their hearts and I smile for them. I smile for every girl that grows up, I smile for every woman that makes love, I smile for every old man that looks at his wife and knows that she is the most perfect woman alive. I smile for everyone who loves. And so, I suppose.


I smile for you.


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