once upon a marcel

I've known Marcel all my life. 19 years to be exact. He was never popular, but I didn't care. He was my best friend. We finish secondary school and planned on going to college together. That was before he changed . Not just a tiny bit. My best friend went from total geek to total hottie. My best friend Marcel Edward Styles was now Harry Edward Styles and boy did he the world by storm.


1. once upon a time

Jamies P.O.V


Once upon a time lived a beautiful princess. She met a prince and soon they were married and living in some wonderful castle in a land far far away. Sure they had their complications, but wh doesn't. They battle some evil parents, gave eachother the kiss of life and even searched the whole county for eachother. Sure enough, eventually, they were together. I've found my prince, Marcel Edward Styles. You have heard of him but you wouldn't realise it. This is because he doesn't use his real name. Now I've said this you're wondering who he is. You have a name in mind. You would never think it was them, but you're right. My prince, the boy you think you know. But until you've met Marcel you've never known the true him. You've never known the love of my life. You've never known Harry Edward Styles

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