The Daughter (Larry's Daughter)

5 years after One Direction, Louis and Harry found themselves happily married with a 2 year old daughter. They named her Darcy and committed their lives to take care of her and make her happy. They did everything in their power to keep her away from danger, and they kept their promise for 12 years when it was forcefully taken away from her at the age of 14 when she walked home from a friends house on a Saturday night.
This is her story..


9. Chapter 9 - Secrets

We were sat talking for about 10 minutes outside the school, just waiting for my dad (Harry) to come pick us up, so we could get out of here and change. I was dripping of dirt and Jordan’s uniform was stained with dirt after he gave me a hug earlier. “Hi guys!” I heard my dad (Harry) say from the car. I turned around and that’s when he saw the damage. “Who the hell did this to my daughter?!” My dad yelled as he turned off the engine and came out of the car. “Some of my so-called friends, and one of those have been flirting with Darcy since the minute she stepped in the door” Jordan said as my dad took my arm and dragged me into the school. “Dad! What are you doing?” I asked with caution because I know he is pissed. He didn’t answer me, but we were headed for the principles office. “Dad this really isn’t necessary.” I said, as he knocked harder than necessary on the principles door. “Come in!” I heard the principle say. Dad opened the door and dragged me with him inside the room. “Oh! Mr Styles-Tomlinson. What brings you here?” He asked in a slightly concerned voice. “Isn’t it obvious?! My daughter is covered in DIRT! Some of YOUR students threw DIRT at her!” He yelled at him obviously mad as hell. “I’m sorry Mr Styles-Tomlinson, I didn’t know that.” He said sounding really apologetic and I could see that he was genially sorry that it happened. “Darcy. Tell him who did it” Dad said as he looked at me with a stern look. “I only know one name…” I said looking at the ground. “And who is that, Darcy?” The principle asked me calmly. “David Brown” I said feeling really guilty for telling them it was him. “Ok, very well. I will call his parents and call him to the office when you leave. Ok?” The principle said and my dad nodded and we left.

“What happened?” Jordan asked as we came back out to where he was standing. “We talked to the principle.” I said quietly as I looked down at my dirt-covered shoes. I just got into the car and we drove home to our flat. Jordan came with us, because he couldn’t go back to the orphanage earlier than school was over because they had strict rules on that or something. I went to my bathroom as fast as I could because I knew my dad was still a bit annoyed. I jumped in the shower quickly and as usual I started singing. I just got the tune stuck in my head and started singing it. “Hey now call it a split 'cause you know that you will” I started. “Hey now we're building up speed as we're approaching the hill. My hair smells like chocolate” I sang and stopped the running water. I got dressed and put my hair up in a messy bun to get the wet hair away, because I didn’t care to blow-dry it.

“Nice voice” I heard as I walked out of the bathroom. “OH MY GOD! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! YOU SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!” I screamed as I heard Jordan. “Nice voice” He repeated looking at me with a weird look. “Thanks?” I asked a bit hesitant. I didn’t know he was standing there all along, and now this is kind of awkward. Considering I’m a socially awkward person to begin with, that makes it even worse. Basically my first instinct is to run and hide, but that would just be weird right? I guess I just have to man up and just act normal or?


“Your secretly freaking out aren’t you?” Jordan asked me, as he looked at me kind of worried. “No, I’m fine” I said hoping not to sound as nervous as I was freaking out inside.
“You know, its kind of obvious that you’re freaking out. Relax it was just a compliment” As he said that I stated walking towards my bedroom just to avoid him. “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, your amazing”

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