Dark Love

For Faith there is no hope in the world anymore after her brother dies in a mystries car crash. Then she meets Nate, a hansome but mystries guy with a hart just for her. Was her brotheres car crash a accident or is Nate telling the truth? Why is Nate so worried about his sister and her boyfreaind? and is Nate her gardian angle?


7. Getting Worse - Nate

As Faith went to sleep I coulden't let myself rest. I knew my sister was out there waiting for the right moment to strike. Brielle always had a nasty streak even before she was taken to the dark side, but I had never seen her so powerfull. I didn't want to tell Faith because I didn't want her to worry but I know that Brielle has twice my strength and Adrain probably does too. I don't know how I was going to deal with them, how I was going to beat them. 

I paced up and down Faiths room for hours untill I was sure Brielle was not going to show up, only then did I go and lie next to my sleeping beauty wrapping my arms around her holding her, pulling her close to me to keep her safe. 

God I loved her.

The next morning I was gone before she woke so I could go home and shower and change before I picked her up to go to school. I ran home using my inhuman speed to blur me from the early morning risers out already walking dogs. I got home moments after leaving her, and already I was missing her, so I quickly showered and got changed then I made Faith a breakfast picnic because I knew she wouldn't eat at home because she didn't want to be anywhere near her parents.

I took the car to Faiths house and when I got there she was already waiting outside for me but she looked anxious.

''What's wrong?'' I queried having no idea what was going on.

''My parents...quick we need to go before they see you, please Nate we need to go now!'' She said as she was running to the car. 

Just as she got in I saw her parents run out the house screaming Faith's name and then Faith turned to me and gave me a pleading look so I slammed my foot on the accelerator and sped out of the driveway and towards the school. Faith laughed as we sped along the road unable to believe that she actually got away with it. I put the car car roof down and let the wind run through our hair savouring the few minutes we had alone togerther. 

All day through school we stole glances at each other. I kept an eye out for Brielle but I hadn't seen her yet but I was pretty sure she was going to show. 

After lunch I had no idea where Faith was she had disappeard. I waited anxiously in our fifth block class knowing that Faith never missed a class but she still didn't show. I asked my teacher for a bathroom pass and ran out of the class cheacking every empty classroom and every cupboard I could see, that's were I found her. 

She was lying in the middle of the janitor's cupboard in a pool of dark red blood. She was struggling to breathe and I rushed straight to her side. 

''Come on Faith, stay with me.'' I pleaded.

She looked at me with glassy eyes and I struggled to stay strong but I focussed my throughts and begun to look for the source of the blood. It wasn't hard to find as it was loads of deep gashes all up her arms. Brielle. She had done this.

There was only one thing I could try and do to save Faith, if it didn't work she would lose much blood and she could die but angels could only heal the people there soul reconises as their soul mates. I laid my hands on her arms over the cuts and I pictured Faith smiling and laughing with me. When I opend my eyes my hands were glowing a warm red colour and her cuts were closing up right before my eyes. I smiled basking in the glory that I was Faith's soul mate, she was mine forever. I carried her out bridel style and rushed her home jumping through the window and lying her on her bed. I kissed her forehead and left again. 

I ran down Faith's street and jumped up a tree and scanned across the town looking for the flashiest apartment because I knew that's where Brielle would be hiding out. I found it and I ran straight over getting there in under a minute. 

I kicked the mahogany door down splintring it into peices. I ran inside only seeing red. The rage had blinded me. Brielle wandered up the hallway admiring my destructive path, she sniggerd at me and then she pounced, she threw punches and scratched me. I fought back with all my strenghth not wanting to let her get the upper hand. I had decided that today was the day my twin died. Brielle fought strong and hard forcing me to fall to the floor. She grabbed a knife out of her jeans pocket and thrust it in my stomach. I winced at the pain but I refused to stop fighting I had to keep going. Brielle tried to kill Faith, she had to pay. Brielle pulled the knife out of my stomach and aimed again at my arms this time. She thrust the knife into my arms and blood streamed in long red rivers was spilling onto the floor and onto my clothes. Brielle picked me up by my shirt and lifted me off my feet and above her head and then she threw my through her living room window. Damn that hurt.

I raced back to my house and patched myself up as best as I could. My wounds would heal by themselves soon enought but untill they did I was in a hell of a lot of pain.

I heard tyres screech up my drive and a door slam and somebody racing in the front door. A wave of fresh vanilla swept across the room that's when Faith burst into my bedroom door. Her face the picture of panic with her bloodshot eyes and wild hair. 

''Nate, what the hell? Oh my god are you ok?'' She immediately started fussing over me and I winced every time she accidently touched one of my cuts. 

''I'm fine really, Faith it's just a few cuts and scrapes.''

''You are not fine Nate, you look awfull.''

''Firstly, thanks for those kind words and secondly I'm fine. I just fought with Brielle it's a twin thing.'' I said attempting to lighten the mood.

''Why would you attack her? You know she is just going to come after you again now.''

Oh god, I must of made her forgett about what happend when I healed her. She had no idea what Brielle had done.

''We will be OK, I promise.''

''Well OK then.''

I hugged her and she helped me to the bed. She undressed me and got under the covers with me. 

''What are you doing?'' I asked her with a smirky grin.

''Well I can't leave you like this and anyway my parents kinda kicked me out of the house, because we had a arguement about school and me. Plus I don't want to leave you, I love you.'' She said with tear runing down her face. She bured her head in my chest and cryed.

''It's OK. I love you too. And I will never leave you, ever.'' I said wrapping my arms around her and pulled her closer to my body. 

She fell asleep in my arms and I promised her right there that I will never let her go. But I coulden't help think how difficult it was going to be to stop Brielle and to protect Faith.

I wouldn't let anyone hurt her, no matter what. 



















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