Dark Love

For Faith there is no hope in the world anymore after her brother dies in a mystries car crash. Then she meets Nate, a hansome but mystries guy with a hart just for her. Was her brotheres car crash a accident or is Nate telling the truth? Why is Nate so worried about his sister and her boyfreaind? and is Nate her gardian angle?


6. Almost - Faith

I was dreading going back to school because as soon as they saw me they would know I knew something, it was like I had it written all over my face. Nate ran home to get changed but he came back to drive me to school whitch I was glad of, I dident want to be alone anymore. We walked into class and there they were sitting in our seats. Not wanting to cause problems, I tryed to pull Nate towards the free seats at another table but Nate pulled me towards our own occupied seats and there was nothing I could have done to stop him.

He cleared his throat to get their attention and then politely said ''You're in our seats.''

Brielle turned to face him flashing another false smile. ''I am sorry brother, but I had no idea, why don't you join us at this table. We would love to get to know your friend Brother.'' She said this with emphasis over the word brother. I was ready to bolt but Nate pulled me down into the chairs across from the grosome twosome. He let his hand drop and placed it under the table on my knee it was a reassuring touch just to let me know he was there. 

There was an awkward silance for a while Brielle's eyes boring holes into mine while Adrian sat glaring at Nate. I finally let myself breath when the teacher came in and started reading out the daily notices. When the bell rang I bolted out the door not even bothering to wait for Nate. I ran down the corrider until I reached the bathroom where I locked myself in the cubicle and just started crying. I cried about Jacksonbeing gone, I cried at my boyfreind being a fallen angel and his sister trying to kill me. 

Just then I heard the bathroom door swing open and a pair of heels click across the cold tiles. They stopped right outside my cubicle door and then I heard a bang on my door. 

''Faith, why don't you come out of there and talk to me.'' It was Brielle she had followed me here and she had a nasty look on her face.

''I know my brother told you what we are and I know he told you what we are and I know he told you what I want with you.'' She said in a sing - song voice that parents use when they are talking to small children.

I unbolted my door and instantly regretted it. Since I saw her in class her face had changed. She had big black pulsing veins running along her face and down her neck and her eyes glowed almost pure yellow just like Adrian's.

I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. Without a hesitation Brielle took a step closer to me forcing me to lean against the wall. 

As quick as a flash she brought her hand up to my neck and wrapped her cold hands around my neck. She held onto my neck and lifted me upwards, at this point my feet were off the ground and I couldn't breath at all. My eyes wouldn't focus and everything was blurry. My head was pounding and I throught I was going to die. Then I saw Nate pulling Brielle off me and I felt myselft drop to the floor. 

''Stay away Brielle, I mean it. Don't come anywhere near her.'' I heard Nate hiss at his sister who was chuckling to herself.

''Whatever brother. See you soon Faith.'' And that was it. She walked out of the bathroom without another word.

''How...How did you know I...was here...'' I struggled to say, trying to catch my breath. 

''You didn't show up to class and I guessed but I didn't expect Brielle to attack quite so soon, she is definitely stronger. She was holding onto you pretty tight.'' Nate said with the worried expression on his face. 

We skipped the rest of the day because I was too scared to see her again. Nate took me back to his house and I examined mu neck in his bathroom mirror and I was shocked at what I saw. Big fingur mark bruises going around my neck showing where her hands had been. How was I going to cover up this from my parents but Nate had the solution. He came up behind me and wrapped a scarf around my neck. It was beautiful, a soft pink flowers on it.

He led me over to the sofa and we spent the day watching old classic movies and talking and laughing. He drove me home just before my parents get in and I went straight to my room to finish off some homework but I had no chance because Nate was sitting at my desk twirling in my chair. He was really serious about not leaving my side. I have a feeling it's something to do with Brielle but I wasn't going to complain I felt a lot safer when he was there. 

''I am going to keep you safe Faith, I promise.''

''I know, but do you think she is really going to attack me at home.''

''Honestly, I don't know. She is so much stronger then I ever remember so I don't want to undestand her I need to keep you safe, I mean it, I can't leave you alone because I don't know what she is going to do.'' 

We went to sleep quickly that night but Nate didn't, he paced up and down my bedroom looking out of my window. It was very reassuring but also very worrying that he felt like he had to look out for Brielle every second, like she could be anywhere.

She could be anywhere....We had no idea....    




















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