A 17 year old who wants to change her life, but can she if she doesn't even have confidence in herself ... yet.


1. Introduction


Self-belief = confidence in your own abilities and judgement

If you want to change your life, because you're not happy with the one you're currently living through.

Would you be able to do it?

I'm going to be writing this story in a diary-like way.

I'll write this story being inspired by quotes which promote self-belief.

I'll try to work alongside my character and do everything that she does to make it seem more real.

I can relate to her, because this character I'm making is partly based on myself

A future that's unclear, being indecisive about your dreams. Not even knowing what you want to do. College? Which college? Where? Studying what? The future...

What do I even like?


Being scared of so much... Knowing what you wants VS Doing what you want...


I haven't ever done anything that could help me grow. So, will this competition pull it out of me...

Most high school students in their final year go through immense stress, and I'll officially become one of them starting September.

This competition is going to last for 8 weeks, and alongside my character I'll step out of my comfort zone and explore what I haven't even ever thought of.

Hopefully I'll be able to get creative enough, and actually do something productive unlike the one month I've already spent doing practically nothing.


This is my idea for the self-belief competition. I really hope I'll be able to make something of it.

I'm sorry if this introduction confused some people, I'm not even sure yet what direction I want to go in. But, I'll definitely do my best.

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