Change (Harry Styles/Niall Horan)

Just read the first chapter to get the info, I really can't be bothered.


1. Because I can't fit stuff into 'About the story'.


Trinity Henshaw's parents are rich and successful. They want to give her the best, so they put her in one of the most prestigious high schools in Britain. How wonderful. And the most wonderful people go there too. Harry Styles and his four mates. They run the place, really. (To the K-Drama fans, you can see where this is going.) They do what they want, get what they want, say what they want. They're adored by the girls, and envied by the boys for their looks and talent. This is where Trinity comes in. See, Harry Styles is a real jerk. A girl will try and do something nice for him and he'll turn it down, probably by smushing it in her face or something horrible like that. Trinity won't stand for this stuff. She does all in his power to try and stop him, but he is unchanged. And I can't think of anything else, so yeah.


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