Forbidden Love (Niall Horan Love Story)

Just letting you all know this is my first Niall Horan love story. Sorry if its bad.

Atlanta Amelia Winters is a vampire. Niall James Horan is a vampire Hunter. But they have a secret no one knows. Those two are in love. Ever since Niall laid eyes on Atlanta the first night he went hunting. He couldn't keep away from her. Her pale skin. Blue eyes and brown hair. But can they keep their secret hidden? Or will everything come crashing down? Read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1

My friends and I walked into the vampire bar. Yes there is a vampire bar. Pretty weird people might think. But its the only place we can hang out and relax. No humans are allowed in unless they are our pets. Some vampires keep humans as pets. Get to do whatever they want them to do. But I'm not like that. I'm more of a responsible vampire. Ones the care for humans and help them. I have to say I'm not the strongest in my group of friends but I am the smartest and kindest one you'll ever meet. My friends. There is Sasha who is the strongest. We call her the leader. She makes all the shots. Jonathan who is really hot headed and always does things he isn't allowed to do. Like drink from humans without combination. Hannah the dump one out of all of us. Always falling for the traps. She almost got killed 2 weeks ago because she fell into a hunters hand. Lucky I got her out without anyone seeing me.

Joshua the nerd he is always coming up with ideas to help us stay away from Hunters or not be discovered. But he is a great help when we fight. His science skills and maths skills count than. But before. Not really. Teyla the outgoing one. She is really the best when it comes to fighting Hunters. She can always trick them but she has been hurt a couple of times. I mean that's what happens. She is also my sister so I care about her. Ryan the strongest boy. He is always protecting Sasha. Love craze. He doesn't care who is standing in the way he will protect us from anyone. Its really cute. When you come think about it.

There's me Atlanta the not strong or weak one. But I'm the one that can smell the hunters or sense where they are coming. So it is really a good thing I have those power. I have more but I'll tell you later. Then there's Anthony the half blood. He wasn't turned fully but he gets treated like a vampire. Drinking blood tablets and trying to stay undercover from the hunters. Can be very hard. 


I got to my friends area and sat down with them. We all started to talk. Teyla hugged me. I smiled. That's when we heard bangs and screams. We all gasped and stood up to see Hunters run in. Shit. How did they know. I held Teyla's hand and we ran. We ran out of the place. I promised my parents to keep Teyla safe and I will do that. But than we got stopped by hunters.

"Teyla go" I said in her head. She nodded and ran off vampire speed. Be safe Teyla. Niall looked at me and smiled.

"Pitty she would have been so easy to kill" Niall said and got to my face. Where I punched him. He groaned and Harry put his gun in my back. 

"I wouldn't move Atlanta. I know your not the strongest one. So one shot and you'll be dead" He said. I smiled and put my hands up. Than I turned around grabbing his gun. Harry looked kind of scared. I smiled a little.

"But I may be the weakest in strength but my powers are more powerful" I said. I looked at Niall and back at Harry. "I wouldn't mind killing you Harry watching you scream in pain. Just how you killed my parents did you not." I snapped and unloaded the gun breaking it.

"Goodbye for now" I said and ran off vampire speed. I got home to see Teyla waiting for me. She hugged me. Which made me hug back.

"But how?" Teyla asked.

"Tricking my dear sister. Now come on time to eat" I said as we walked in. For dinner I made. under-cooked Roast beef and veggies. Once we finished. I told Teyla to go to bed at midnight and she did. I ran out of the house and met up with Niall at our spot.

"Nice acting" Niall whispered.

I nodded and smiled. "Thanks you too" I said and pressed my lips onto his. Niall kissed back and pushed me against the tree. Niall gently wrapped his arms around my waist. Making me giggle and smile. We pulled back and Niall stood there smiling. 

"Your so beautiful" Niall whispered stroked my cheek and hair.

"Your handsome. Your pale skin. Ocean blue eyes make you shine like no tomorrow" I whispered feeling a tear stream.

"Hey what's wrong?" Niall asked wiping away my tear.

"What if we get caught they'll kill me" I whispered.

Niall shook his head. "No I won't let them. They can kill me before they get to you" Niall says.

"Niall I can't let you do that. I lived to long. Way to long to see you die because of me" I said.

"I'll be here til my last dying breath. I promise you that. We will be together one time and forever" Niall says.

"Promise?" I asked.

"I promise Atlanta. I promise my soul and my life" Niall says.

I cried a little and hugged Niall tight.



















***Chapter is only short because I don't know if it will be good enough. Please let me know and I'll write more love you all.

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