Mystery Girl

Harry Styles is the guy every girl is after, he’s part of the internationally famous boy band One Direction but Harry is looking to settle down with a girl and kick the rumours that are circling about him. When he sees Isabella Jackson in the crowd of his show he is immediately captivated by her and wants to know all about her. Only problem is she disappears before he even has a chance to meet her or get her name, he only knows her as ‘Mystery Girl’ and he knows she can’t stay that way forever. This is a story about Harry trying to find the love of his life with tears, heartbreak and laughter along the way.


8. Trust

Bella slowly nodded her head as she looked at me with her wide sapphire blue eyes. 

"I'm not saying I believe you," she said softly. "But you sound so passionate when you talk about it," 

"So you're willing to give it a go?" I asked.

"I'll be friends with you," she clarified. "But I don't want to take it further,"

"I understand, whenever you're ready Bella. I can wait," I nodded as we walked out of her room and back into the lounge room where Niall and Fifi were chatting and the others were just watching TV.

"Hey Bells," Fifi jumped up and gave her best friend a hug. "How'd it go?"

"I'm willing to be friends," she told her. "Nothing more though until I'm ready or I'm certain that he's not making a mistake," her voice went wobbly at the end like she was insecure about something and Fifi's eyes darkened.

"Don't you dare let that prick into your head," Fifi suddenly spat viciously startling all of us, here we were thinking she was this sweet little thing but she could be angry when she wanted to be. 

"I don't know what happened before Bella but trust me, I am not making a mistake," I interjected looking at Bella who looked down at the ground. "How about I prove it to you?"

"How?" she asked looking back up at me with her amazing eyes. 

"Do you like bowling?" I asked and Fifi grinned while Bella nodded. "Alright then, the seven of us will go bowling tonight," 

"You don't have to be anywhere do you?" Fifi asked and Bella muttered something too low for me to catch but Fifi did because she nudged her sharply.

"No, no we don't," Liam confirmed. "And if you want we can book it out just for ourselves,"

"I think that would be best," Louis nodded. "That way fans wouldn't find out where we were and it wouldn't become a crush and we could have fun without worrying about our safety,"

Half an hour later, we had booked out the bowling alley and we arrived in good spirits, after having a lovely dinner of take out. We got sorted into teams and I laughed as I listened to Louis and Liam trash-talking each other as they were on different teams. I was on a team with Bella and Liam and Fifi, Louis, Niall and Zayn were all on a team.

"You are so going down Liam," Louis smirked at Liam while the rest of us laughed and I smiled as Bella grinned happily.

"Nope, you are Tommo, just because you have more people doesn't mean you will win," Liam shot back as the game began.

Throughout the game I could see Bella relaxing and having fun with us, whatever had her terrified before seemed to be far from her mind now. It eased my mind to know that she was having fun and that she seemed to be slowly trusting us and I hoped that in the near future we would become something more.

"You cheated!" Bella exclaimed, her sapphire blue eyes bright with excitement as she pointed a finger at Niall who was laughing so hard he nearly fell out of his chair. "You switched my bowling ball with a heavier one!"

"I did not," Niall spluttered indignantly. "I'm only laughing because you look so ridiculous,"

"Then who was it hmm?" Bella asked glaring at him playfully but then we all heard a giggle and her glare shifted to Fifi. "Oh come on Fi!" she threw up her hands.

"You have to admit, it was hilarious," Fifi laughed happily.

"You're on," Bella narrowed her eyes and threw the ball down the lane, scoring a strike which caused her to bounce up and down laughing happily.

Our team ended up winning the game which we were all happy about and with Paul's permission, the two girls came back to the hotel with us and we sat on the couch arguing about what movie to watch. I just sat there watching Bella argue with Louis about a movie, she was so passionate and so beautiful, it amazed me that someone so beautiful could be hiding a secret, something that had hurt her in her past.

A/N: Hey guys, I'm so sorry about the long wait in between chapters but I had to find the motivation to start writing this story again. That and I've had school and other things that have prevented me from returning to this story. This was sort of a filler chapter so sorry if it's a little dull. Thank you all for your patience.





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