Mystery Girl

Harry Styles is the guy every girl is after, he’s part of the internationally famous boy band One Direction but Harry is looking to settle down with a girl and kick the rumours that are circling about him. When he sees Isabella Jackson in the crowd of his show he is immediately captivated by her and wants to know all about her. Only problem is she disappears before he even has a chance to meet her or get her name, he only knows her as ‘Mystery Girl’ and he knows she can’t stay that way forever. This is a story about Harry trying to find the love of his life with tears, heartbreak and laughter along the way.


6. Mystery Girl revealed

The next morning as I predicted Louis, Zayn and Niall all woke up with hangovers, although Niall's wasn't as bad as Zayn's or Louis'. I however, was full of energy because today was the day I was meeting my mystery girl and I was so excited.

"Look who's a bundle of energy," Liam teased as we got ready for the day and I shoved him playfully.

"Leave me alone," I grumbled as he smirked at me.

"Oh that's right," Niall smiled. "Going to meet his mystery girl today,"

"Oh shut up," I snapped but then looked mischievously at him. "I think a certain someone likes you Nialler,"  

"Ooh who?" he became interested very quickly and I laughed.

"Fifi likes you," I told him and he blushed. "You like her too!" I ruffled his hair and announced. "Our little Nialler's growing up! He's likes someone!" 

"Niall likes someone?" that was enough for Louis to completely forget about his hangover and perk up. "Who is it?"

"My mystery girl's best friend," I answered. "And she likes him too,"

"Alright then, we've got two couples to get together then," Liam smiled gently as Zayn came out of his room dressed but still not fully recovering from his hangover.

The rest of us got dressed but we had nothing to do for another couple of hours so Liam set up the PlayStation and we started playing FIFA, the winner out of Louis and Liam would play me and so on. 

"You're going down Payno," Louis laughed as Liam playfully shoved him.

"In your dreams Tommo," Liam shot back as they began playing.

Three hours later Louis and Niall were versing each other in the final and Liam, Zayn and I had taken sides. I had bet on Louis and the other two had bet on Niall. 

"Yes! Victory is mine!" Louis cheered pumping his fist as Niall's goal keeper let a goal in and the game ended while Zayn and Liam paid me the money that we bet.

I looked at the time and felt butterflies enter my stomach as I realized we had half an hour to get to Fifi's place and meet my mystery girl. We all piled into my car and I gave the address to Louis who had called shot gun.

"Someone's excited to meet his mystery girl," Niall teased from the back and I stuck the finger up at him, he would be the same too if my mystery girl was his. 

It took twenty minutes for us to get to Fifi's place and when we did, I parked, got out and knocked on her door nervously. My foot started bouncing up and down with nerves and Liam put his hand on my shoulder to stop me from bouncing.

"Stop it," he hissed in my ear. "I know you're nervous,"

"Can't help it," I snapped back as the door opened and Fifi stood there with a smile on her face. 

"Hey guys, for those of you who don't know I"m Fifi Jones, the best friend of Harry's mystery girl," she smiled at Liam, Louis and Zayn. "Come in," she stepped aside to let us all in and as we walked into the kitchen I saw my mystery girl. Her long wavy strawberry blonde hair flowed down her back.

She was sitting at the kitchen island and her laptop was up and the internet was on Twitter.

"Fif, I hate Twitter," my mystery girl grumbled flicking a piece of hair out of her face and Fifi laughed.

"Then shut it down and turn around," Fifi laughed and my mystery girl turned around and I was captivated again by her sapphire blue eyes which widened when she saw us.

"Hi," I breathed looking at her but she shook her head. 

"No," she whispered shifting her gaze to Fifi. "I told you I wasn't his mystery girl and you didn't believe me,"  

"Guys this is my best friend Bella Jackson and Harry's mystery girl. Bella this is One Direction: Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry," Fifi introduced us to her but mystery girl's name...shook her head and glared at Fifi.

"No," she said firmly. "I am not his mystery girl, I'm not," it seemed as if she was trying to convince herself more than me because I already knew she was my mystery girl.

"Bella," Fifi sighed looking at her. "I've told you over and over again, Harry posting your picture on Twitter and describing you is not a mistake. I knew the moment I saw his first tweet that he was describing you to a T," 

"It's not me," Bella insisted. "I'm sorry Harry but you have the wrong person," she got up off the stool and started walking away but I grabbed her wrist to stop her from going anywhere.

"Bella, trust me, my mystery girl is you. I know what you look like, I've seen you that many times in America that I'd never forget you. I know you are my mystery girl and no other girl has come close to how beautiful you are. I've never fallen this hard and fast for someone, let alone someone I barely know," I gave a speech but she shook her head with tears filling her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she pulled her wrist out of my grip. "I'm not the girl you're looking for, it's not me," with that she walked out of the apartment leaving me staring after her with my mouth open and the others stared at me. 

"What just happened?" Zayn asked but I didn't answer as I was too busy trying to get over the fact that my mystery girl just rejected me because she didn't believe that she was my mystery girl but she was...I knew she was.

"I'll make her come around," Fifi sighed. "She'll listen to me,"

"Just give her space," Louis spoke up. "She needs time to think,"

"Well then, make yourselves at home," Fifi gestured to the kitchen and the lounge room, of course Niall made himself at home in the kitchen and the rest of us sat on the couch but I couldn't help but stare into space, my mystery girl didn't want to know me.


AN: Hey guys, thanks for the feedback on this story. I love hearing the feedback you all give me. I don't know how long this book will be but I'm loving writing it because it's really interesting writing from Harry's point of view. If you have any ideas for the direction of the book then don't hesitate to suggest it to me. I'll take everything on board. 

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