Mystery Girl

Harry Styles is the guy every girl is after, he’s part of the internationally famous boy band One Direction but Harry is looking to settle down with a girl and kick the rumours that are circling about him. When he sees Isabella Jackson in the crowd of his show he is immediately captivated by her and wants to know all about her. Only problem is she disappears before he even has a chance to meet her or get her name, he only knows her as ‘Mystery Girl’ and he knows she can’t stay that way forever. This is a story about Harry trying to find the love of his life with tears, heartbreak and laughter along the way.


7. Denial

The front door opened and Bella walked back in, it was three hours since we had first seen her and I hadn't done anything since except stare at the wall.

"They're still here?" she groaned seeing us in the lounge room and Fifi rolled her eyes.

"Bella stop being so damn stubborn," Fifi stood up and walked over to Bella. "You're not going to get hurt again," I heard her whisper.

"You don't know that Fi," Bella sighed. "Celebrities are all the same, arrogant, stubborn and using women for their own needs,"

"We're not like that love," Liam injected quietly. "If you just get to know us, you'll know we're completely different,"

"And not all celebrities are like that either," Zayn added rubbing his head. "Fifi do you have pain killers? I meant to take some earlier,"

"Sure, in the kitchen, second draw on the left," Fifi pointed towards the kitchen and Zayn got up and went into the kitchen while she tried to convince Bella that she was my mystery girl. 

"Fifi, can I talk to Bella alone please?" I asked standing up and walking over to the two of them.

"Sure," Fifi shrugged and sat down next to Niall who wrapped an arm around her waist and I smiled at them, they would make a cute couple. If only Bella would just realize that she was the one for me. 

"Harry-" Bella began but I interrupted her.

"Look, I know you don't believe that you're my mystery girl but you are. Just give me an hour to convince you and if I haven't convinced you in an hour, I'll leave you alone," I pleaded. "Just an hour,"

"Fine," she sighed running a hand through her hair and walking to her room, I took that as an invitation to follow her and I smiled when I entered her room.

The walls were painted blue -powder blue-with a few posters on the walls. Mainly of TV shows that she liked and a few celebrities. She had a double bed with a white sheets and a few stuffed animals, she had a chest of drawers and two bed side tables and what looked like a walk-in-robe. It was a cute room, very homely and I liked it.

"It's not much," she mumbled blushing but I shook my head.

"I like it Bella, it's very warm and inviting," I smiled at her as we sat down on her bed and she started playing with a strand of her hair. "Why don't you believe that you're my mystery girl?"

"Because it doesn't seem possible," she kept her eyes downcast, like she was afraid I was going to hurt her or something. "Why would I, an ordinary London girl, catch the eye of someone extraordinary like you? I'm nothing special, I'm broken, I'm ordinary and're living this amazing life and having a great time. Why would you want to ruin it over someone like me?"

"Bella, listen," I shook my head and grabbed her small hands in my larger one and gave them a gentle squeeze. "The moment I saw you at the concert I knew that you were special. The way you looked at us on the stage I could tell that you are amazing," 

She was shaking her head in denial but I was determined to get through to her and I had an hour to do it because I honestly didn't know if I could forget about her like I promised I would. I really wanted her to know how I felt about her and how much I wanted her to be in my life.

"Bella, you have no idea how much I've wanted to meet you since I first saw you at the concert, you are honestly one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met. I haven't even gotten to know you and I think I love you," I seriously wanted to get across to her how I felt. "You've stood out every time you've been at a fan event with Fifi, I know you're not a huge fan of us...probably not even a fan at all but you've shown up at quite a few events and you always manage to stick in my mind,"

"It's just to support Fi," she told me quietly and I nodded.

"I know and you are a fantastic friend for doing that. Bella you are my mystery girl and I don't know what it will take to convince you that you are. You were at the concert in Vegas, you were waiting outside of the interview place, you were at the Teen Choice Awards and Fifi replied to my tweet saying you were my mystery girl. I honestly don't know what else to say to get you to believe me," I sighed frustrated. "All I can say is that you are 100% my mystery girl and I am not mistaking you for someone else, I would know if you weren't her. Please just trust me and believe me," 

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