Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart (A WWE Fanfic)

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  • Published: 3 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 20 Aug 2013
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Listen To The Beat Of Your Heart; Her name is Eve Torres. A girl who has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. After her parents passed away, she has been working her way up to reach her goal, but what happens when she comes across John Cena? Will his kindness and support make her fall head over heels for him? Will she be making a mistake by choosing John over her dreams? What will she choose at the end? Someone whose been there for her through her struggles or will she follow her dreams? [[THEME SONG IS ON THE RIGHT WITH STORY DESCRIPTION! =========>>>>>]]


1. 1.1

Eve: *walks into the dance studio* Hi, is Marisa in today? 

Vickie: She's in the studio right now, did you need to see her? 

Eve: Yes, yes I... I want to talk to her about being a dancer. 

Vickie: She's kind of busy, but just give me a moment, I'll go get her. 

Eve: Thanks. *smiles* 

Vickie: *goes and gets marisa* Marisa. 

Marisa: Yes? 

Vickie: Did you set up an appointment with anybody? 

Marisa: Not that I remember, why? 

Vickie: There's this girl out there who wants to meet you. 

Marisa: Oh? Ok. Class, I'll be right back. *leaves* Hi. 

Eve: Hi Marisa? 

Marisa: Yes, that's me. 

Eve: I'm Eve Torres, I been dying to be in your dance group, but never really had the chance to because I just recently lost my parents last month. 

Marisa: Hmm... You look like you could move it. How old are you? 

Eve: I'm twenty-eight. 

Marisa: I could probably use you for a sub for now. One of my dancers out on side injury for another two weeks. Maybe you can learn her routine and sub for her. 

Eve: Will I get the job if I do great? 

Marisa: Being a dancer isn't easy. You have to have a lot of skills and... have it well experienced. 

Eve: Yeah, I do actually, I been doing it since I was five. 

Marisa: Ok, come in tomorrow, same time and I'll see what and where I can fit you in. Only! If you do great. 

Eve: *smiles big* Really? You'll let me come in if I pass? 

Marisa: If I like it, yeah. Now if you can excuse me, I a class to teach still. *leaves* 

Eve: Wait, how do I schedule and appointment with you? 

Marisa: Ask Vickie. 

Vickie: It's totally fine, I got you under control girl. 

Eve: Thanks. *smiles* 

Vickie: Ok, here's all the information that you need to know and learn. She's pretty strict, so make sure you're well stretched before you do your routine for her. Um, make sure you eat right and drink enough water. Be prepared that she might tell you to lose weight or maybe gain, but in your case, maybe lose?  

Eve: Ok, you can stop criticizing me now. 

Vickie: Sorry, just telling you ahead what you might hear. 

Eve: Well thanks.  

Vickie: Oh and you're appointment is next week. It should say on the front paper as well. *smiles* 

Eve: *fakes a smile and leaves* Thanks. 

Vickie: *calling after eve* I'll be here if you're confused with the packet! 

Eve: *sits on her couch and looks through the packet* Where did she say the meeting was? *looks on the paper* 4/24/13 at 2 PM. Got it! *fills out the papers* 

Vickie: Oh Marisa, I scheduled your meeting with Eve on the 24th at 2 PM. 

Marisa: *leaving* Got it, thanks. Oh and don't forget to lock up. *leaves* 

Vickie: Never appreciate anything I do for you. *walks back to her desk* 

Eve: Alright, I have one week to learn, so let's do this. *comes up with her own dance routine* 

(The Next Week) 

Eve: *staring in front of her mirror* Alright, I think I'm all settle. *smiles* I just hope she likes it. *smiles big and leaves* 

Vickie: Oh hey Eve, you're here. 

Eve: Yeah, I am. 

Vickie: Ok, Marisa's in a meeting right now. She should be with you shortly. 

Eve: *smiles* Ok. 

(2 Hours Later) 

Marisa: She still here? 

Vickie: Yeah you were supposed to have a meeting with her 2 hours ago. 

Marisa: Ugh, ok call her in. 

Vickie: Eve. 

Eve: Yeah? 

Vickie: She's ready for you. 

Eve: Ok. *grabs her bag* 

Vickie: Right this way, follow me. 

Eve: *looks at the dance room* Wow. *puts her bag down* 

Marisa: Are you wearing that? 

Eve: No, I brought something else to wear. 

Marisa: Ok, go change and start when you're ready. 

Eve: *goes change and comes back* 

Marisa: Wow. Ok, ready when you are. 

Eve: *does her dance routine/messes up a little* 

Marisa: I really like your routine, but just something about it that I don't like. 

Eve: *disappointed* Oh ok? 

Marisa: You would have to work harder and better to be official. 

Eve: Wait, so am I in? 

Marisa: Keep practicing and maybe I'll call you back. 

Eve: *looks at vickie* 

Vickie: *smiles* She wants you, but wants you to be better is what she meant. 

Eve: *exhales* Wow. *smiles* Thank you God. *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Marisa: Vickie, put her name on callback for me please. Thank you.  

Vickie: Got it. *enters eves name into the callback list* 

Marisa: Oh and don't forget to lock up as well. *smiles and leaves* 

Eve: Hi, I'm looking for the owner of this club. 

Security 1: Who are you? 

Eve: I'm Eve Torres, I wanted to show some people my moves and do a few battles. 

Security 1: Hold on. Ricardo!  

Ricardo: Yeah! 

Security 1: Where's Josh! 

Ricardo: I don't know man! 

Security 1: We don't know mam. 

Eve: *looking at the dance floor* You know what, it's ok. *walks to the dj* Hi. 

DJ: *playing music* Whats up beautiful. 

Eve: Do you mind playing some good music. I want to take the floor. 

DJ: You want to take the floor? 

Eve: *smiles* Yeah. 

DJ: *grabs the mic* 

Eve: Wait, what are you doing? 

DJ: Ladies and Gents, move aside, I got a young lady here and she's looking for a battle! So who's up to battle this beautiful lady? 

Chrissy: I will! 

DJ: You got your competition. 

Ricardo: Ey, isn't that your girl over there on the dance floor? 

Security 1: God dammit! *walks to the dance floor* 

DJ: *plays a song* 

Eve: *starts off the battle* 

Chrissy: *gives eve and ugly look and freaks on the dance floor* 

Eve: *looks at the dj confused* I wasn't... looking for that kind of battle... *goes back on the floor and pops* 

Security 1: *sees the battle and walks to the front and sees eve* 

Eve: *dancing and sees the security* 

Security 1: *smiles* 

Eve: *finishes her routine* 

Chrissy: *goes back on the floor and strips this time* 

Eve: *gives chrissy a look* 

Security 1: *goes and grabs chrissy* Sorry mam', you're gonna have to keep your clothes on. 

Chrissy: Let me go!  

DJ: Ladies and Gents! Let's vote for your street dancer! 

Crowd: *screams more for eve* 

DJ: Your winner Eve Torres! 

Eve: *covers her mouth and smiles* Oh my gosh! *laughs and hugs the dj* Thank you so much for letting me do my thing. 

DJ: Anything for a beautiful lady. *winks* 

Eve: *smiles and leaves the club* 

Security 1: Hey. *smiles* 

Eve: *chuckles* Hi? 

Security 1: I saw your moves out there, they were pretty cool. You really got the moves for a girl. 

Eve: Thanks? But aren't you supposed to be working? *chuckles* 

Security 1: No, I'm off now. I'm John Cena, you must be Eve Torres right? 

Eve: Eve Torres, correct. How'd you? 

John: The DJ. 

Eve: You asked him? You could have just... 

John: I heard it when he announced you as the winner. 

Eve: Oh yeah that. So you thought it was pretty cool huh? 

John: Yeah it was really sexy and just smooth. 

Eve: *smiles shyly* Thank you John. 

John: What are you doing this weekend? 

Eve: Um,I have a dance routine I have to learn. 

John: Oh, are you a dancer? 

Eve: I been dancing since I was five, but yes I always dreamed of being a professional dancer one day. 

John: Why not go and try out? You're good, well from what I saw. 

Eve: I did, but the lady Marisa told me to improve more and when I go back, she might make me an official, but right now I'm on callback. 

John: Callback, so that means you're eventually gonna get in because like I said, you're really good. 

Eve: *smiles* Well thank you John. 

John: Do you want to go grab something to eat? 

Eve: I can't eat too late, it's a routine as well. 

John: You got a great body, I'm sure you can burn it all off in the morning at the gym right? 

Eve: *gets shy again* Um I guess I can go out to eat with you.  

John: I'm sure it can't go bad. 

Eve: Yeah, you're right. I still have until whenever she wants to call me. *laughs* 

John: *smiles* I'll follow behind. 

Eve: Um, ok. *smiles*  

John: *gets in his car and follows eve* 

Waiter 1: Hi, how many? 

Eve: Hi, a table for two please. *smiles* 

John: *sits across from eve* Wow, you have really beautiful green eyes. 

Eve: *smiles* Thank you and you have a really beautiful... smile. 

John: *chuckles* Well thank you. 

Eve: *chuckles shyly* So you don't have a girlfriend right? 

John: No and you didn't happen to have a boyfriend do you? Or you do? 

Eve: *smiles* No, I don't. I haven't been having time to find one lately. 

John: You really want this job don't you? *chuckles* 

Eve: *gets serious* Actually no. I lost both my parents last month and I'm still recovering from it. 

John: I'm sorry, what happened to them if I may know? 

Eve: They... They were murdered. 

John: Wow, I am really sorry. Do you want a hug? 

Eve: No, it's... 

John: *gets up and hugs eve* I'm really sorry about that. No child should have to hear that they're parents are dead or murdered. 

Eve: *crying* I just really wish I was there for them when it happened. 

John: Are they from here? 

Eve: No, they're from Colorado. 

John: I am truly sorry. 

Eve: I'll be fine, just give me a minute and I'll be ok. 

John: Ok. *goes back and sits down* 

Waiter 1: Ok, here's your orders. 

Eve: *smells the food* Smells really good. *chuckles* 

John: *chuckles* You really are something you know that. 

Eve: I try to be myself again, but people just aren't accepting me anymore. It's like ever since my parents past... No one's ever really cared or payed attention to me. 

John: I'm here. I'll care and pay attention to you. If you want, we can exchange numbers. I've been told I'm a really great friend and adviser. 

Eve: Really? Well you're a security of course you're gonna be a great adviser. 

John: Yeah, but I'm thinking about quitting there. 

Eve: Why? 

John: I'm so sick and tired of breaking up fights. It's so annoying that I sometimes just want to join them myself! 

Eve: *laughs* I bet, well you seem like a really great entertainer and friend so far. 

John: Thank you, that means a lot to me Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: *smiles*  

John: Since you brought us here, I'll pay for our dinner. 

Eve: No, it's ok, I can pay for my... 

John: No, I'll pay for you. 

Eve: *smiles* Thank... Thank you John. 

John: *pay for the food* Alright, so this is where we say goodbye? 

Eve: Yeah, I guess this is it. *chuckles* 

John: *chuckles* Alright, can I get a hug then? 

Eve: *hugs john* 

John: *hugs eve back* 

Eve: Alright, bye. 

John: Bye. *smiles* 

Eve: *walks off* 

John: *walks off to his car* 

Eve: Shoot. *turns back around* John! 

John: *turns around* Yeah?! 

Eve: Wait! *runs to john* I forgot to ask you for your number. 

John: *smiles and gives his number to eve* 

Eve: *gives her number to john* 

John: Alright, I'll text or call you sometimes. 

Eve: Yeah, same here. I'll text you when I get home. *smiles* 

John: Alright. *chuckles* 

Eve: *smiles and walks off* 

John: *walks off* 

Vickie: *calls eve* 

Eve: Hello? 

Vickie: Hi Eve, it's Vickie here calling. Are you busy right now? 

Eve: Not at this moment why? 

Vickie: Oh great then, Marisa would like to see you if you can come in. 

Eve: Yes! I'll come in right now. 

Vickie: Great, see you in a bit then. *hangs up* 

Eve: *gets ready and heads to the studio* 

Vickie: *on the computer* 

Eve: *walks in the studio* 

Vickie: Oh hey Eve. *smiles* You're earlier then I thought. *chuckles* 

Eve: I'm just down the street. *chuckles* 

Vickie: Great um, Marisa will be with you in a minute, she just stepped outside. 

Eve: Ok. *smiles* 

Marisa: *walks in* Oh hey Eve, you're here good. 

Eve: Yes, you wanted to see me? 

Marisa: Yes, I need you to sub in for one of my girls for this month. 

Eve: This? Month. 

Marisa: Yes or do you have something else planned? 

Eve: *chuckles* No that's awesome.  

Marisa: Ok, well I need you to come in later at one to learn the routine and dance moves, will you be available? 

Eve: Yeah all day. *smiles excitedly* 

Marisa: Ok, well come in at one and we'll get started. 

Eve: That's it? 

Marisa: Yeah what else did want to hear? 

Eve: Nothing, I'll get going now and be back later. *smiles and leaves/calls john* 

John: Hey Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: Are you doing anything right now? 

John: Not really, I just woke up. Why are you up so early? 

Eve: I know it's only nine, but I want to meet up with you. 

John: *gets out of bed* Yeah, what is it? 

Eve: I'll tell you when I see you. *smiles* 

John: *chuckles* Where are we meeting at? 

Eve: Oh, same place we had dinner together three nights ago. 

John: Ok, I'll see you there in a bit. 

Eve: Ok, bye. *smiles and hangs up* 

John: *gets ready* 

Eve: *walks into the restaurant and waits for john* 

John: *walks into the restaurant and sees eve* 

Eve: *smiles at john* 

John: *smiles* Hey, what's up? 

Eve: You won't believe it. 

John: *chuckles* What? 

Eve: Marisa called me in. 

John: Are you in? 

Eve: That's the thing, I don't know. 

John: Didn't she tell you though? 

Eve: Not really, she told me to sub for one of her girls for the month. 

John: Eve! That is great!  

Eve: I know right! *smiles big* I can't wait to be an official member. 

John: You will be, I mean, you're getting a great start already. 

Eve: John, this is the life I always wanted and now... It's becoming reality. 

John: I'm very happy for you, I'll support you. *smiles* So when do you start? 

Eve: I have to be in there at one today. 

John: Oh got the job and starting the same day huh? That is the best news I ever heard Eve. 

Eve: I know right! *laughs and then smiles* 

John: *stares at eve and then smiles* 

Eve: This is great news for me. 

John: I bet it is. 

Eve: Well I have to get ready and be prepared, so I'll just catch up with you after class okay? 

John: Oh ok. We could of meet at the coffee shop or park or something. *chuckles*  

Eve: Yeah, I know, but I was more familiar here with you. 

John: Right, well call or text me and tell me how it goes. *smiles* 

Eve: I will! Trust me!  

John: *chuckles* You have such a beautiful personality Eve. 

Eve: *stares at john* I'm sorry? 

John: I love your personality and your sense of humor. *leans inwards* I really can't believe you don't have a boyfriend. 

Eve: John... I just want to be friends with you for now. I'm not looking into getting in a relationship with you or anyone right now. I'm gonna focus on my new job. 

John: *leans back* Yeah I know, I wasn't gonna go into all that detail yet. 

Eve: *smiles shyly*  

John: Go. 

Eve: Pardon me? 

John: *laughs* Didn't you have somewhere to be? 

Eve: Oh no, I just wanted to be prepared, but I have a few hours. I can hang out with you for a bit. 

John: No. *smiles* You have a career you have to prepare for. Call me when you're done and we can do something afterwards. 

Eve: *smiles* Ok. I'll call you then. 

John: Bye. *smiles* 

Eve: *grabs her bag and leaves uncomfortably* 

John: *looks at eve leave* 

Eve: *gets in her car and sits* 

John: *sitting at the table looking at eve in the car* 

Eve: *stares at john and smiles* 

John: *waves to eve* 

Eve: *smiling and waves back to john* 

John: *gets up and goes make an order* 

Eve: *puts on her seatbelt and drives off*

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