Kings (A Gang Story)

Andy was only ten when she lost her parents in a fiery car accident just three blocks away from home. She was a witness to their death as well. She regrets ever watching instead of helping. Now she blame herself for their deaths.
When she meets and befriends members of one of the two local gangs, she's recruited into the group known as Kennedy Kings. Andy must learn that where there are choices, follows concequences.
Will she remain guilty for the deaths of her parents? Will she make the right choices to lead her to the right path? Or will Andy become too hard to change and let her guilt lead her to make the wrong decisions?


5. Talk To Him

I got a phone call a few days later during my Girls Night with Lexx. It was from Tigre. He said Blades was checked out from the hospital and we should come over to visit. Lexx and I haven't talked to Blades since the day Lexx went off on him. She told me what she said to him too. It was hilarious! She was fuming when she saw my tears and she exploded on Blades while he was in the hospital bed. "No we won't come over! Y'all are more than welcome to visit *us* since *we* were the ones hurt and dragged *out* the hospital." Lexx spoke in the phone. "What's going on?" I whispered. She put her hand over the receiver. "Tigre wants us to visit." I shook my head. "No! No!" "Now Blades wants to talk." She whispered. "No! Please no! Tell him I'm not home." "She's not home." Lexx said. "No she's not! … she had to charge her phone! She has my phone while I'm charging her phone." Lexx said. "You don't have my number." She said. "No. I won't give you my number because then Blades is gonna wanna call her and she's still pissed at him." She explained. "I'm sorry but it ain't happening! … Oh? You're going to get it from Bulldog? Well he better not give you my number or it's over!" she yelled. "Go!" She hung up. "What happened?" I asked. "He's talking about calling my phone and having Blades call you." "Oh." The rest of the night was fun. Me and Lexx played a few board gamed and watched movies. Usually during Girls' Night, they have cliche stories about watching The Notebook. Honestly, I've watched it before but it's so corny and boring. I hate it. What's the point of it? Just another cliche story about a young couple. "Let's watch The Notebook." Lexx suggested. I groaned loudly. "Gosh!" I whined. "What?" She asked. "I hate that movie! It's corny and stupid and -- Ugh! It's stupid." I said. "Well geez." She said. "Sorry. But it's wack." I said. "What about Drag Me To Hell?" I gasped. "I LOVE THAT MOVIE! LET'S GO!" I jumped and threw the movie in the slot. She giggled and we sat back on the sofa with our wrapped hair, avocado face masks, and two gigantic bowls of Orville popcorn. We screamed at occasional parts and laughed at ourselves. Lightning struck and thunder boomed, scaring us and catching us by surprise. "Gosh!" I whined. "What?" Lexx chuckled. "No more ice cream." I pouted. I sat back and folded my arms. "Why don't you go to the store and get more." She smiled. "But it's raining!" I pouted again, "And thunder and lightning." I said. "Geez, kiddo. Take Greg or Jamie with you. You seem like you need a big strong widdle boy with you to pwotect woo duwing the scawy storm." She cooed in a baby voice. I scoffed and playfully rolled my eyes. "I ain't that scared!" I snorted. Lexx laughed. "Like Hell you are." She said, "You're the wimpiest person I know." "That's a dang lie." I said. "You know what. I'll go get my ice cream! By myself! And it's gonna be an adventure!" I said, huffing. She snorted and laughed. "Ha! I bet you'll call someone to help you or give you a ride home!" She said. I scoffed. "Yeah? Well it's a bet! I'll go… and just to be sure no one gives me a ride, you can call the gang and let em know what's going on so they don't give me a ride!" I said. "Why not just leave your phone here?" "Because what if there's an emergency or there's something you want after I leave?" I asked. "Oh. True. Okay, I'll call Bulldog now and and tell him to tell the gang not to give you any assistance." She said. She threw my shoes to me as she picked up her phone to call the gang. She told them and nodded for me to go. I was definitely going to win this bet! Screw fear! Courage was always on my side ... most of the time.
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