Kings (A Gang Story)

Andy was only ten when she lost her parents in a fiery car accident just three blocks away from home. She was a witness to their death as well. She regrets ever watching instead of helping. Now she blame herself for their deaths.
When she meets and befriends members of one of the two local gangs, she's recruited into the group known as Kennedy Kings. Andy must learn that where there are choices, follows concequences.
Will she remain guilty for the deaths of her parents? Will she make the right choices to lead her to the right path? Or will Andy become too hard to change and let her guilt lead her to make the wrong decisions?


6. Hit

I grabbed my umbrella an elastic hair tie and left the house. My phone in my left pocket and keys in the right pocket, I listened to the music created by the rain and watched the droplets of water fall from the cold night sky. The air was full of humidity and the fresh smell of rain still lured in the air. Occasional breezes blew from the West end and the beautiful sound of water hitting the umbrella overhead and the ground underneath filled my ears with wonder and excitement. The only thing ruining the sweet connection I had with Mother Nature was the thunder and lighting. I was always scared of thunder and lightning but I always tried best to ignore it. Car doors slamming and passing vehicles also ruined the song I enjoyed much listening to but I wasn't going to complain. I mean, this song would last hours and I'd hear it all throughout life. It brought back wonderful memories of when I listened to the rain with my mother and father. We'd lay in the grass, close our eyes, and open our ears to the sounds of nature every night, rain or not. It was always fun to me. We'd hear insects and birds and other animals local. The sounds made me bubbly and giggly. My laughter always brought laughs and smiles to my folks. The memories made me smile to myself as I approached the supermarket. I made my way to the frozen products aisle and looked through for my favorite Blue Bunny Coffee Ice Cream and Blue Bunny Rocky Road. I got my phone out and called Lexx's cell. "Hello?" She answered. "Scared already?" She snorted. "Haha," I said with sarcasm dripping,"Do you want some more ice cream?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm almost out." She said. "Chunky Monkey?" I asked. She squealed into the phone. "Yes! Totally! Definitely!" She said. I playfully rolled my eyes and said, "Be home soon." I hung up and made my way back to the front of the market. I looked down and sent a text out to Tigre. I wanted to see if Lexx called back. *To Tigre: Did Lexx call u again ?* I waited for his response and patiently stood in line. I looked around the market and recognized one face. It wasn't one of the Kings. It was the kid who beat me up for stealing from the pizzeria the day I met the gang. "Shoot." I mumbled. It was even worse because he was working as my cashier and was the only guy working the registers. I shot my head down and quickly texted Bulldog. *To Bulldog: Yo! Emergency! I'll need help!!* I hoped he didn't think I needed him to take me home from the bet. A few moments later, I received two messages. *2 unread messages* *From Tigre: Haha! Ur kidding right? No. She didn't call.* *From Bulldog: Hahahaha!! Ur crazy if u think ill help u get home! Babe told me bout ur bet.* I rolled my eyes and called Tigre. I stepped outta line and went to the bread section. "Hello?" He answered. "I need help. Well not yet but soon I will." I murmered. "Why you whispering? And with what? I can't take you home. And you have some nerve! You ain't even coming to visit Blades." He said. I rolled my eyes. "I can't visit him, okay!" I semi-yelled. "And remember the kid who pinned me down the day y'all saved me? Well he's here and he'll recognize me and go after me. It's late and no one is here. I need you and James to come get me." I now whispered. He dropped the F-bomb and mumbled. "Alright. Get ready to jet and try to make it to South Central Boulevard." He said. "'Kay." I said, hanging up. I went back to the front register and kept my head down. He checked my ice cream and registered it into the system. "Seven sixty nine." He said, dully. I gave him a ten and grabbed the bag, wrapping it around my hand. "Here--" he paused. I glanced up and saw his face redder than a tomato. "You're the broad that got me beat up." He yelled. "Uhhhhhhhhhh." I stuttered. I backed up as he came from behind the register. I made a dash for the door and ran through the cold rain towards South Central Boulevard. I prayed Tigre and James were where they were supposed to be by the time I got here. Frankie, the cashier who hated my guts, was hot on my tail. I heard his panting and yelling and threats. "Get back here!" "No!" I yelled, running faster. I started getting tired and only three blocks left to go. The rain pelted my bare skin and hair. I was now soaked from head to toe with salty water. I was happy it was raining because I started crying out of fear of what he'd do to me if I was caught. I hated fighting and wasn't really the best fighter, if you haven't noticed by now. I usually have the gang around to protect me so I don't have to fight. I felt his hand come contact with my shirt and grip the tail. I pulled away and nearly tripped. My shoe came off and I just kicked the other one off so I wasn't held back. I yelled again just so the boys knew I was in trouble. I finally got to South Central and didn't see any familiar cars. I groaned while running and ran in the street, forgetting to look both ways. I was now laying on the ground and my world was spinning around. I saw three pairs of feet by my head and heard four different voices. I struggled to stay awake and keep ahold of the one voice that was so familiar. "Andy?" It said. A large hand was on my chest, two fingers on my neck as if checking for a pulse. I looked up snd saw a blurred figure, blinded away by the headlights of a large Range Rover. "Andy? Stay with me, now." It said. "Call 911." My breathing slowed down and I became sleepy. I began to close my eyes. My eyes shut and all the pain in my body went away. How could that be? I was just in excruciating pain! Wait… maybe I'm dying. "Andy!" The voice commanded. My eyes slowly opened. I had to keep awake as best as possible. "Stay awake." The voice patted my cheek. "O…kay." I said between heaves. Faint sirens were heard in the distance. The sirens got louder and louder until it stopped and I saw flashing red and blue lights. My body was lifted upon what I assumed to be a gurney and I heard doors close and I started moving. I couldn't hold it anymore. I closed my eyes and this time, I didn't bother to open 'em. I liked the way my body felt when I closed my eyes. No more pain. No more emotions. *[No POV]:* As the ambulance rushed towards Mercy Hospital, the closest hospital, Andy was slowly drifting to a deep slumber. A slumber she would never wake from. Blood was flowing from her body as fast as rain fell from the sky. Frankie Carlson, the quarterback of the local high school's varsity football team, and cashier / clerk at Joe's Pizzeria and Association Supermarket, felt guilty for her pain. His anger drove him to chasing her. The anger he had from almost losing his job and getting jumped by the local gang, Kings, drove him near insanity. James, Tigre, and Chino followed suit behind the speeding ambulance towards Mercy Hospital, just southwest of the accident scene. Chino muttered curse words as he dialed gang leader, Bulldog's phone number. "Hello?" Bulldog answered, yawning. Chino rolled his eyes, "Bro! Problem." He quickly said. Bulldog's full attention was on Chino. He knew they left to help Andy and he stayed behind with Pits and Scooter to watch over an injured Blades. He needed to be given medicine every two hours, according to Doctor Jenkins, the doctor who operated on him when he was stabbed last week. "What happened? Andy's alright, right?" Bulldog asked. Chino looked up to James, who was staring at him with full interest. "N-No." He said. "What?" Bulldog yelled. "Well," Chino gulped, "she ran into the street with that guy chasing her. We didn't see her. She's dying man!" Chino rushed through his statement, sorrow dripping from every word." "Fück!" Bulldog yelled, getting attention from Scooter and Pits. "We gotta head to the hospital." Bulldog said. "What about Blades?" Pits asked. "He'll have to come, too." Bulldog said. Chino hung up and the three rushed to Mercy as Bulldog, Pits, Scooter, and Blades dressed and headed out the door. *[Lexx POV]:* It was late and I was starting to worry about Andy. She's been gone for an hour and I kept hearing sirens. I hoped she had money to pay and didn't rob the store she went to. But then again, she isn't a theif or criminal ... right? My phone rang and the caller ID read *Annoying Loser ♥*. That was saved for Bulldog. "Hey, Baby." I giggled into the phone. I was shocked to hear Pits respond. "What's up, Sweet Cheeks? How's it going?" I rolled my eyes. "What you want? Where's Bulldog?" "He's driving. We have a problem." "Oh? What's the issue?" "Andy was ran over by a car. She's at.the hospital now. We think she's --" he was cut off my painful screaming from the background. "The hell is wrong with him?" Pits asked someone in the background. "Andy!" Blades' Spanish accent was recognizable. "Is she …" I gulped. "Dead?" He sighed. "Hopefully not. We're around the corner. Get shoes and wait outside. We'll be there in thirty seconds." He instructed. I nodded until I realized he couldn't see me. "Okay." I said. I grabbed slippers and ran outside to wait in the rain. They pulled up and I hopped in their car with Blades crying for Andy's safety. I started tearing, feeling responsible for this. I sent her out! If she died, it'll be because of me! I can't live with that type of guilt on my chest! We drove in silence with tension rising with anxiety. Blades mumbled curses in Spanish. "Puta de mierda. Si Andy murió, me estoy matando a esa perra!" He said. I tensed by Scooter's side and dropped my head in my hands. Scooter sensed my guilt and wrapped an arm around me in a brotherly way. I cried into his shirt until we got to the hospital. We arrived to the ER and Pits helped Blades walk in. Bulldog, Scooter and I rushed to the nurse who worked st the computer. "Andy?" I asked. "Who?" She said with an attitude. I sighed. "Andelle Carter." I said. "Operating now. Please have a seat and Doctor Jenkins will be with you with the results." She said. We sat in the waiting area until her doctor came. He was the same one who did work on Blades so we all knew who to look for. Soon afterwards, we saw him coming towards us with paperwork. He flipped through it. When he looked up, he sighed and shook his head. My heart dropped.
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