Kings (A Gang Story)

Andy was only ten when she lost her parents in a fiery car accident just three blocks away from home. She was a witness to their death as well. She regrets ever watching instead of helping. Now she blame herself for their deaths.
When she meets and befriends members of one of the two local gangs, she's recruited into the group known as Kennedy Kings. Andy must learn that where there are choices, follows concequences.
Will she remain guilty for the deaths of her parents? Will she make the right choices to lead her to the right path? Or will Andy become too hard to change and let her guilt lead her to make the wrong decisions?


2. A Day at the Park

"Where's your phone?" My foster mother asked, firmly, as I walked in the house an hour late. "My pocket, why?" I asked, trying best to look innocent. "I called you more than five times! Where were you?" She asked. "With...friends." I didn't know what to call the Kings. "Mm." She huffed. "Go to your room. I shrugged and went to my room and closed the door. I didn't really want to fight. I was worn out. I was exhausted. I was just ... finished. My foster parents and I didn't get along so well sometimes and honestly, I hated it here. They were either too nice... or too annoying. "What's wrong?" My foster sister, Kadie, asked. "Nothing." I smiled. "Why did mom yell?" "She's grumpy." I made a face. Kadie giggled and sat up on the bed. "Andy." She asked, "Can we go to the park tomorrow?" "What? Why? You have all you need in the back yard." "Because ..." she played with her fingers. "I wanna spend time with you. You're my sister." She smiled. I sighed. "Fine. I'll take you." I said. She squealed and clapped her hands. "Yay!" I nodded and sat back in my bed, my back leaning against the head of the bed. (Haha. I made a rhyme.) *Next Day* I woke up to Kadie jumping on my bed screaming my name. "Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy! Andy!" She yelled. I groaned and sat up. "What?" I asked groggy. "Park! Park! Park! Park! Park!" She insisted. "Ugh." I muttered words under my breath to keep her from hearing me curse. We got dressed and did our hair. told Kadie to brush her teeth and put her shoes on while I brushed mine and made our beds. "Okay." She squealed and ran excitedly to the washroom. A faint knock on my bedroom door was heard soon after Kadie left. I turned around to see my foster mother, Christine, standing at the door. "Sorry about last night." She said. "I hate yelling at you kids. I looked at my feet. I remembered the last time my mother apologized to me from when we last fought. It was a cold day, I came home late and soaking wet from the rain. My mother was in the living room waiting for signs of my return while my father left to find me. My mother jumped up when I opened the door and walked in. "Where were you?" She asked, yelling at me with anger built up inside her. I shrugged it off. "Hangin'." I said. "Where was you?" "Don't ignore me!" She was turning red by the second. "Whatever." I threw my keys on the kitchen table and waltzed to the refrigerator. I searched for food and ignored her commands. "Andelle Renee Carter!" My mother yelled, "Look at me!" I groaned and spinned around on my heels. "What?" I said in an aggravated tone. "Watch your tone, Andelle!" She sternly instructed, "You need to be home earlier next time and watch who you're talking to! Don't make me get the belt! You're not too old to be beat, Andelle!" I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. Sure. Bye." I walked past her and ran up the stairs towards my room. That was the day before their deaths. My father didn't have a say in the situation. However, he did tell me not to worry them so much. The fact we fought a day before she died makes me feel as if I didn't save her because I was still upset with her. Maybe if I was a good daughter like she expected, I'd help. I feel so bad now. I was only ten! Why was I out so late? I should've been inside watching Spongebob instead of outside hanging out with friends? I'm just a disgrace. "Andy?" Kadie called. "Yeah?" I said, quickly looking up to see Christine and Kadie staring intensely at me. "Hun? Are you okay?" Christine asked. "Huh? Yeah." I asked. "Sure? Do you need to talk to George?" She asked. My foster father's name was George. He was a psychiatric doctor -- what ever their called. I think it's shrink or therapist. "No. Kadie let's go." I rushed and left the house quickly. I needed air and in there, I felt like I was suffocating. I watched Kadie play on the slides, swings, and monkey bars. She had fun climbing and running. I was surprised she didn't hurt herself, once. I smiled as she called me to see her do tricks that someone her age would find amazing. "Andy! Look!" She exclaimed. She jumped off the platform and caught hold of the bar and swung like a monkey from bar to bar. She laughed and dropped herself at the last one and ra towards me. I smiled and held my arms out to hug her, since that was what she wanted. "Thats impressive. Wish I could do that!" I gave a fake pout. "It's easy. I'll teach you." She grabbed my hand and rushed us over to the monkey bars. "Oh. No." I rejected. "Please. Try!" She insisted. I smiled and playfully rolled my eyes. "Okay." I grabbed the bar and rushed through the bars. I turned around and Kadie was staring with amazement in her eyes. I smiled and picked her up, embracing her in a hug. "Okay. Let's go." I said. "Awww. Already?" She pouted. "Kadie. It's four already. Let's go. We're getting lunch." I said, putting her back to the ground and grabbing her small hand. We walked out the section of the park we were at and towards the exit. We crossed the street together, hand in hand, looking both ways before walking. Half way through, a strange looking car stopped fiercely in front of us. The tinted window slowly rolled down as I squeezed Kadie's hand reflexively. "Andy!" A familiar voice said. I looked closer inside the car. "Pits?" I asked. "Yeah!" He exclaimed. "Need a ride?" He asked. "Umm. Sure." I hesitated. I got in the black Cadillac with Kadie and strapped my seat belt. Kadie sat behind me and I sat in the passenger seat. I noticed Pits's facial features for the first time. He had short black hair and thick eyebrows. He had a cute button nose. His skin was flawless! He had brown eyes, the color of coffee with milk. His lips were pink and thin, like he would be a fantastic kisser. He looked somewhat Spanish. His hair was fluffed up, sorta like the Elvis hairdo but with shorter hair. "Can I help you?" He asked. I snapped back to reality and realized, I was staring at him, practically burning holes in his gorgeous skin! 'Snap out of it, Andy! You can't fall for anyone!' I thought to myself. "Huh?" I asked. "What's wrong with my face? You staring like there's a bug or something." He stated. "Oh. No! No! I'm sorry. Just… lost in thought." I said. "About?" He asked. "Noth--" "She does that a lot when she thinks about her parents! She feels bad for killing them." Kadie blurted. I spun around and gave her a death glare. She was dead when we got home! "You killed you folks?" He asked, exasperated. "No! I…" I sighed. "Yeah. It's my fault they're dead." I bowed my head down and dropped into my hands. I started tearing up but didn't sob in front of him. I don't do that mess... Sobbing in front of people, especially guys who're in gangs or are just so physically attractive. It shows weakness and that's the last think I'll ever show! "It's okay?" He rubbed my back. I shook my head. "No it's not!" "Yeah. It is." He said, reassuringly. "No! I killed my folks! I shot my head up and yelled. "Ugh!" I let my bipolarness get the best of me. "Pull over!" I yelled. He stopped the car almost instantly and looked at me. He looked somewhat worried. I unlocked the door and took off my seatbelt, leaving Kadie with Pits. "Take her home! I'm going for a walk!" I said, huffing. "Wait!" He tried to get my attention. I waved a hand dismissively and kept walking. "Bye! Tell Bulldog to find me if I'm that important!" I huffed. Did I really just say that? Oh well. I'll be alright .. maybe? I probably shouldn't have left Kadie with someone I just met, whether or not he's my new "brother" or gang member or whatever they call each other. Honestly, I was worried sick right now. I knew I'd hear from Christine when I got home but that was least of my worries. What if something happened with Pits and Kadie was caught in the middle of it? I couldn't be held responsible for that, considering she's my lifeline. I cared for her like she really was my sister, foster care or not. I got a phone call from an unknown number. I picked up and hesitated. "Hello?" I asked. "Andy?" A Spanish voice asked. "Yeah…" I hesitated. "Who's this?" "Umm." He said. "Domingo?" He questioned his name. "Blades?" I guessed. Only guy I knew with an accent was Blades. He sighed. "Sí." He said. "It's Blades. I wanted to know if you were alright but I didn't want anyone to know my number." "Oh. Yeah... why?" "Because Pits called and told Bulldog that you got mad and stormed off. He said you left him with your kid." He explained. "Woah! It's not my kid." I explained. "She's my sister but I just had to go. I wasn't thinking ... wait! Is she alright? If she's hurt--" "She's fine! He just got here with her. She's completely fine. Just come over where Bulldog brought you yesterday and we'll handle this. Pits looks kinda upset though." Blades said. I groaned. I might as well go pick up Kadie. I turned around and ran down the street with my full speed. Hopefully it'll be a short visit. "What were you thinking?" Pits yelled at me in the back room. He wanted privacy for when he blew up on me. "Do you know how bad things could've turned while I watched the kid? I'm not a babysitter! This isn't a business! And what is this about you killing your parents?" He yelled. I stood there with my hands behind my back. I looked down and used my foot to play with pebbles that wondered in from outside. Gosh, this room is dusty. "Well? Ain't you gonna say something?" He asked. I stood quietly. "Why did you kill your parents?" If he said it any louder, the whole population of China would be able to eavesdrop on our conversation. "WHY?" "BECAUSE!" I stopped yelled and dropped to the floor. "Because..." His facial expression dropped down to a worried face. He turned less red and made his way towards me. He wrapped his arms around my body and scooted me closer to him. "We fought the night before--my mom and I... The next day they're in a car accident and it catches fire. I stood there, watching. I should've helped! If I wasn't such a..." I choked. "I'm a disgrace. I'm a bad kid. I don't even deserve to live. I tried suicide a couple times before. Really, I did." I wiped my eyes from now falling and forming tears. "I'm so stupid. They depended on me. They counted on me. I let them down. I should've died, not them." I was now sobbing into his shirt. I never told anyone the story of their death. I was able to leave as much details out the story as possible but it still hurt to think of it. I killed my parents. Pits rubbed my back and tried to soothe me. "Look at me, Andy." I looked up. "You're not responsible for their deaths. You couldn't do anything about it." He said. "But I should've tried." "No. You couldn't have tried or you'd be dead. Think about the positives in this situation. If you did help, you wouldn't have met Kadie or us or Greg. Kiddo, this is for the better." Pits said. I smiled and gave him a hug. I felt somewhat better but it's fine knowing that I was benefitted somewhat through their deaths. I still blame myself but I'll possibly get over it. He stood up and extended his hand to assist me. I got up and we walked out the back room. All eyes were on us. Chino saw my puffy red eyes and laughed. "What? Can't handle Pits's anger?" He smirked. James and Scooter laughed. "What? Can't get laid?" I remarked with a smirk. Everyone laughed except Chino. He was silent. "Cat gotcha tongue?" Bulldog laughed. I smirked and grabbed Kadie's hand. "Let's go kiddo." We walked out the rundown house and started towards home. It's not far from where we were. It was maybe ten minutes from here by walking — meaning without Kadie, I'd be there in only five. "We get home, don't say ANYTHING!" I ordered. She nodded. We got to the house and headed directly to our room. Christine tried asking how things were at the park and Kadie was going to answer but I yanked on her arm to walk faster. She got the memo that I did not want her saying anything. This isn't a joke, you know! I threw my shoes into the pile of footwear that me and Kadie kept on the other side of the room in a corner. Full of converse all stars, vans, Nike's, Jordan's, Adidas, and now, black flats. Kadie did the same and went to the bathroom to wash up. After she got out the bathroom, I went in to shower. I washed my body and hair and dried off, brushing my teeth as well. I didn't want to eat dinner with the family so I just went to bed. Besides, it's not like they'll miss my face, which, by the way, had a huge scar from a fight I got into once and a couple freckles that I inherited from Mother. It was whatever if they wanted to see me or if I ate that night. I had a lot on my mind. I knew the whole gang probably knew that I killed my parents and watched them die but then again, maybe Pits didn't say anything. I had a lot to think about now.
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