In Perfect Harmony

Grace Masciale is a young waitress trying to get by on her meager salary in busy NYC. Her true passion is music, so she works hard playing open mics and doing whatever possible to "make it" as a musician. When Grace meets Liam Payne, she is thrown into a life in the spotlight. Can she manage a relationship with Liam, while attempting to follow her own dreams?


10. Crazy

Grace's POV

When Liam opened the door to his penthouse, we both gasped. The kitchen was torn apart- food was all over the counters and the floor. I could see his body tense with panic.

"Stay here," Liam instructed me, proceeding cautiously into the apartment. He made his way through the mess on the floor quietly, and disapeared down a hallway.

"WHAT THE HELL, HARRY?!" I heard Liam shout seconds later.

Assuming it was safe, I followed the sound of voices down the hall until I came to a huge room that looked like a home theater. Sprawled on the couch, surrounded by bowls of popcorn and candy wrappers, was Harry and Leah.

"Um, hey guys," I said, surprised to see them.

"Hi Grace. Hi Liam," Harry greeted us as he flashed his cheeky grin.

"What do you think you're doing in my house?" Liam demanded.

"The air conditiong broke at my place. So Leah and I decided that this was an ideal escape," Harry replied nonchalantly.

"Do you think you could have actually asked first, or maybe, let's see, crashed Niall's place? He only has enough food for the next 3 years, and is probably sitting alone watching some chick flick and sobbing his eyes out." I had never seen Liam this annoyed before. He had a point about Niall.

"Eh, never thought of that. Your flat was closer," Harry shrugged.

"C'mon Liam, we didn't mean to do any harm," Leah spoke up. "We just started The Hunger Games. Why don't you and Grace join us?"

Liam seemed to relax as he looked at me. "That seem okay with you?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

"Alright then. You two can stay. This time."

"Tank you Leeyum," Harry cooed.

Liam rolled his eyes. "Grace, come sit." He sat on the sectional and motioned me next to him, so Liam was on my left and Leah was on my right.

"Hey girl," I whispered to Leah. "How was dinner?"

"Absolutely amazing. How about you? I thought you guys were going back to your place."

"We did, but it was super hot."

I turned to Liam, who was busy checking his twitter feed. Harry was doing the same.

"Looks like the rumors have started, Grace," Liam said, looking up from his phone. Harry nodded.

"No one knows who you are, but there are plenty of assumptions."

"What should we do?" I had no idea about paparazzi and media issues.

"I guess we have to tell them the truth. There's no use hiding it. We're older now; we should be able to have relationships. I love the fans, but the ones that will be upset will have to deal with it." Liam was always so considerate of everyone's feelings.

"Liam's right. Maybe this could help you too, Grace." Leah was in manager-mode. Harry nodded.

"Yeah," I agreed.

"How about we take a picture and I post it?" Liam already had his phone in "selfie" mode.

"Okey dokey." I leaned in close to him and smiled as he snapped the photo. He typed a tweet and hit Post. Seconds later, I got a text on my phone.


"I want everyone to meet my lovely girlfriend @kathgracemusic xx"

I couldn't help blushing when I saw the picture. We were both genuinely happy, and Liam's grin looked like that of a kid in a candy store.

Liam looked over at my crappy old phone. "You get notifications when I tweet? And what is this piece of metal?"

He picked up my cell and held it in his hands like he'd never seen a Samsung Intensity II before, studying it carefully.

I blushed. "Yeah, I do. And for your information, that is the phone that I struggle to pay the bill for every month. Not everyone has the cash for a full data-plan iPhone. "

Liam smirked. "Okay, sorry babe. Just messing with ya."

I grabbed his phone and logged onto my twitter account. "HOLY CANNOLI I HAVE 12 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!"

Harry and Liam giggled. "Welcome to fame."

I quickly went to Liam's tweet and read some of the comments.

"Liam I'm so happy for you!"

"OMG you guys are so cute"

"Go to hell ugly whore"

"Liam she's perfect :)"


Wow, there was a broad spectrum of responses. There was so many more nice comments than mean ones, but it still hurt seeing the nasty things people actually said about me and Liam.

I quickly responded to Liam's tweet.


"@Real_Liam_Payne aww thank you babe! :)"

By that time, my notifications were off the wall. I couldn't even look because the responses and follows were on overload. I wasn't verified, so I wasn't even sure Liam would see my tweet amoung the chaos.

I switched to his profile and handed him back the phone. Seconds later, he laughed, and I got anther notification on my phone.


"just chilling with @kathgracemusic and @Harry_Styles watchin a film :D"

Liam looked up at me. "I didn't want to mention Leah and get the press all worked up even more. And we need to get you verified. Especially if you're working on your music."

I shrugged. I never thought I would ever get 1,000 followers, let alone 12,000 and be the girlfriend of Liam Payne.

"Whatever you say boss," I joked as Harry and Leah rolled their eyes. I realized that they had just witnessed our whole flirtfest.

"If you two lovebirds don't mind, we'd like to watch the movie in the next three years," Harry stated sarcastically.

I grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head, wiping the smirk off his face. "Okay Styles. But no guarantee we won't make out in the middle of the cave scene with Peeta and Katniss." 

I winked at Liam. Geez, I was in a flirty mood.

"Alright, alright. We're just gonna start the film and you two can pay attention when you so desire."

Harry turned off the lights and pressed play as he pulled Leah close to him as the movie started. I had to admit they were cute together.

I turned to talk to Liam. "What's going on with Niall? He seems moody."

Liam sighed. "He's never been very lucky with girls. None of us have, but it seems to be the toughest for him. The guy has high standards, which is a good thing, but it's kept him from going on a lot of dates. We're getting older, he's almost 26, and I think he really wants to find someone to settle down with. The problem is, I don't think anyone will ever be good enough for him."

I nodded. "I hope he finds that someone special. I'm sure that when he does, he'll know right away that she's the one."

Liam looked at me. "I can only hope so."

As we sat there in the dark, I had a sudden thought.

"This is only an idea, but what if we set Niall up on a blind date? I've got an old friend from high school who is super sweet. Maybe she could cheer him up a bit."

"At this point, I'm willing to try anything for Niall. He's like a brother, and I hate seeing him so down."

"I'll try to get ahold of her tomorrow. Let's just watch the movie for tonight." I turned my attention to the huge TV screen, as I felt Liam wrap his arm around my shoulder. Sitting there with him, felt like the best place in the world. He pulled me towards him and kissed the top off my head, sending butterflies through my stomach. The night wasn't what we had planned, but it was perfect. I leaned my head against his shoulder and, before long, drifted off to sleep.

Liam's POV

I felt Grace snuggle into me, and a few minutes later, when I looked down at her, she was fast asleep. I glanced over at Harry, seeing the same thing had happened with Leah. 

I mouthed to him, "Let's carry them to bed."

Harry nodded, and we both slowly freed ourselves, standing up. I leaned over and picked up Grace, bridal-style. She started to mumble something, and I thought she might have woken up, but her eyes stayed closed and she seemed to still be fast asleep. I carefully carried her to my room, and laid her down on the bed. I took off her shoes and tucked her into the covers before returning to the home theater. 

"Harry," I whispered. "Pick her up and take her to the guest room."

I waited until Harry had Leah in her arms, and led him to the extra room down the hall.

"Thanks, Liam. I've got it from here."

I nodded. "Goodnight, Haz."

"Goodnight, Liam."

I returned to my bedroom and crawled in next to Grace. I was too tired to even change my clothes as I drifted off to sleep.



Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the support, so I'm posting 3 chapters today!



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