A Story Of Angels.....That Are Demons

People believe angels are good, and kind. But, they aren't. This has a perspective from the Angels that fell from grace. If you have another opinion, please, let me know and I will incorporate it as best I can. I really hope I can mix them correctly, and play the parts well.


5. 4

Xaphan pulled Az back, into him again. "Ok, we are going to a place you cant see." I bag was shoved over his head. They walked a ways then a door opened and a blast of hot air hit them.

Az shivered. Xaphan walked him in and sat him down. "Don't move, either of you."

Az hesitantly asked. "Whose their? Anyone else?"

A voice answered "Az? Its Zev, shh, we have to be quiet."

Hushed voices entered the room. "Remove the blind folds!" A singular voice boomed.

The bags were ripped of their heads. They squinted, trying to see.

Xaphan, Leonard and Sybele were standing their.

Leo stepped forward. "You, young Angels fell, to join in the ranks of us on Earth, spreading evil. What shall you stand for? If you wish good, then you will be killed and reborn. If evil you will be in our ranks."

Az, always the class clown laughed nervously and asked "Um, can you define 'evil' for me?"

Nyx sashayed forward. "Evil, as in the Seven Sins. Pride, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust." She whispered them, but they echoed as if she yelled them.

Zev shivered as she finished with Lust. He looked up at Leo and said "I chose Evil. Please, take me into your ranks."

Val came from the shadows, he smiled and helped Zev up, he led him back into the shadows.

Xaphan stepped forward and asked Azriel. "What is your chose, Angel?"

Az took a deep breath. "I chose........" He paused and he heard a collective breath intake. He guessed no one ever refused Evil. ".....Evil." A moan sounded from the darkness behind them. Staring into the darkness he finished the oath. "Take me in to the ranks of which I believe in." Each Angel vows were different, never the same.

Xaphan smiled and Nyx grabbed Az and took him into the shadows.

Leo and Xaphan exchanged a look. "I'm glad, he did that. It would have ended badly this time if he went to the other side, again." Every century or so the Angelic Demons fight the Demonic Angels.

Demonic Angels are good, but have a bad side that rarely show, they try to help the human race be all good and what not, Angelic Demons (Who this story is about, btw) are all 'bad' but they started as Demonic Angels, their dark Demon inside of them took over. And then they died and were reborn. Az had been born before but had refused to give in fully, he finally did.

These Angelic Demons are living life over and over. They make their vows and must keep them, by The Law of Nature. It makes sure they are truthful and keep the Vows they make when they fully and completely accept that they have changed.

Leo spoke again, "Thank the Gods, we need him for our influence to last for the next century, he is one of the most powerful....But, not more than me, nor you, but maybe someday, old friend." He smiled and clapped Xaphan on the back. "Who you calling old? Alright, I'll come get him in an hour. I'm off to Philosophy." Xaphan walked out the door and down a long dark hall that did not belong in a high school. The shadows on the walls moved and writhed, trying to get away from him. He laughed and ran his hand along the wall.

He laughed as the Shades shrieked as his hand passed by them. "Xaphan....." I voice sounded.

Xaphan stopped and whispered "Shades, go, now." A few shadows broke off and flew off the wall. They spun towards the ceiling and the voice stopped.

He stopped at a fork in the dark hall. "High School sucks, especially if you do it over and over again." Taking the right hall he walked and ended up in the school's old art room just as the bell rang. He walked toward the stairs and up to his classroom.

He walked in the door and the teacher sighed. "Nice of you to grace us with your presence, Xaphan, now, take a seat and tell me who said this quote?" On the board was  quote. "Tell me what gives a man or woman their greatest pleasure and I'll tell you their philosophy of life." Xaphan read the quote aloud and thought for a moment. "Dale Carnegie." He stared down the teacher, who flinched.

"Today, class, we are having a discussion on-" Xaphan's grey eyes glowed a bit and he pointed at the teacher. "Angels." He whispered. The teacher shook his head. He fought to say his own words. Xaphan growled and his eyes glowed brighter. "Angels."

The teacher looked up and finished "Angels, today class we are having a class discussion on Angels and how they might affect the world, so a more fitting quote would be 'Make sure to send a lazy man the angel of death.' Does anyone know why?"

Xaphan spoke up. "Because sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, being lazy and Sloth are the same thing." The teacher sighed.

"Yes, Xaphan, yes, but anything else come to mind. Think angels." Another boy spoke from across the room. "The Angel of Death needs souls to live?" He said it like a question. Xaphan scoffed softly.

"No, No, Xaphan was close. The lazy man, he is a demon. An Angels can kill a demon. The lay man was spreading laziness among his Nabors, and Sloth is a sin."

Xaphan got up and left, laughing to himself. Stupid. The man was an angel who was corrupted, and the angel of death was going to rescue him from actual death.

Going back down to the art room he went down the halls, back to the dark room. Leonard was still their. "So, how did he do?" Xaphan was the 'sponsor' for Azrael. He had to keep track of him for the first few days or so. Zev's was Val. Zane refused to sponsor Az.

"Well, he passed. His powers are strong, so be careful, and he is quite energetic today. Have fun." Leo said and laughed. Xaphan grimaced.

Nyx led Az out of the shadows, a bag already over his head. He had fresh cuts and bruises on his arms. Xaphan snapped and  a long sleeved shirt appeared on Azrael's torso. He shifted.

"Ok, come on, lets get back to the school." They started walking, in the hall Az asked "So....any clues as to wear the Daily Bong is?" Xaphan laughed. "First floor, water fountain near the boys room." Az shifted and asked "How about the yearly Bong?"

"Nope, your not getting another clue, you know the location of the Daily Bong Hints to the Weekly and the Weekly to the Yearly." Az sighed and they entered the Art room. Xaphan pulled off his bag and said, "Go. Then meet me in Metal shop, ok?" Az nodded and took off. Xaphan laughed and walked down the hall towards his next class, metal shop. He wasn't paying attention when someone ran into him.

"Oh, sorry, I'm just trying to find- oh, god, you are tall!" Xaphan looked down into a face. A female face. "What are you looking for, can I help you?" Suddenly a calculating look came onto her face. "Yes, you can, Xaphan." He stepped back. "Not here, not now, we still have time, Ariel."

The girl smiled. "Oh, I know, that's why I'm here. The Demonic Angels are starting early this year. I came to attack you." She reached inside her coat and pulled out a tazer, zapping him she pulled out a phone. The voltage was huge, big enough to kill a normal human. He feel down, passed out. She snickered and said into the phone. "I got Xaphan.......What? I though....oh, well, he'll have to do, boss." She placed the phone in her pocket. "Time to go, X." Placing her hand on him she flashed them to an empty were house. "Tie him up. Now!" She told the guys standing around. Using heavy duty chain they hung him up by his wrists...."Now, we can have some fun!" She laughed...

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