A Story Of Angels.....That Are Demons

People believe angels are good, and kind. But, they aren't. This has a perspective from the Angels that fell from grace. If you have another opinion, please, let me know and I will incorporate it as best I can. I really hope I can mix them correctly, and play the parts well.


3. 3

Az rolled over and then fell off the couch. "Owwww" He groaned. Someone kicked him in the ribs. "Fuck......you..." He said and looked up. His eyes fallowed long legs up to a short, riffed skirt. Then up a dark top, father up to a head. With glaring eyes. "Oh...Hay Lillith."

She huffed and threw her short dark hair over her shoulder. "I told you to call me Lil. And get up, other wise we'll be late. Zane and Baz are waiting."

Azriel groaned and stood. "You don't need to be so mean, Lil. Ok, I'm ready."

"What, your not going to change? You wore that yesterday!" She rolled her eyes and looked around. "Ugh." She snapped her fingers and clean jeans, boxers, socks and a 5 Finger Death Punch shirt appeared in her hands.

"Thanks Lil." He started stripping right their. "You PIG!" She screeched and threw the cloths at him. She stomped out of the small, messy apartment the 4 fallen shared. He laughed and pulled on the clothes. He grabbed his wallet, chain and belt from his other jeans and fallowed her out.

He ran down the stairs and jumped over the railing. He smashed through the door and jumped into the convertible. "Drive, Baz!" She took off, peeling out of the small cull-de-sac.

Zane is sitting in the passenger seat. Az leans forward. "Dude, I-"

"Yes, I found your keys. They were under my bed." Az and Lil exchange a look, "Dude, I was going to ask you to turn the radio on, calm down." He reached past him and turned the radio on himself. "Who wants to hear my howl?"

Zane looked back him. "Naw, dude, its too early for wolves and shit."

"Too late!"

Azriel let out a blood curdling, amazingly real wolf howl as they drove along the road. Baz and Zane shuttered.

"Damn, boy, you just love to that don't you?" Az nodded at Baz. "Yess, I love it, since I know it freaked you guys out it must scare the humans." He snickered. Then stopped. "Hay, anyone have an idea where X hide The Bong this year, I personally have looked all over, I bet the daily one is easy but where dose he hide The Bong?"

Baz shakes her head and Zane laughs. "Dude, you need to stop. Not even I can find it. Try asking for another clue. Xaphan might give you one, who knows?"

They pulled into the school parking lot and parked next to Xaphan's black dodge Charger, custom. Az jumped out of the forest green convertible Basma was driving. Also custom. He pet the black Charger and sighed. "Some day, baby, some day you will be mine. Oh, some day, baby, soon, I promise." He sighed and started towards the school. Lilith laughed and asked "What is wrong with you? X is going to kill you for touching it, stupid."

Az started walking backwards and eyed her, saying, and making punch jabs at the air,  "That car is going to be mine, I'm going to fight X for it, and I will win!" He backed into something.....Baz and Lil snickered.

Az slowly turned his head up and stared into the face of X. "Oh, are you?" Xaphan raised an disbelieving eye brow. Putting down his fists he turned and punched X playfully on the shoulder, "Naw, man, you know I would never, Dude, I was kidding, just joking around. Yeah, jus' playin' around with you, that's all." He gulped and watched Xaphan.

Xaphan lifted his hand up, Azriel flinched, Xaphan laughed and placed his hand on Azriel's shoulder. "Yeah, I know. So, how are y'all doing this morning?"

Xaphan was an interesting character to look at. Fiery red hair, glowing grey eyes and extremely tall. Jeans, ripped in some places. Dark shirt, usually with a band logo, or a dark hoodie and jacket. He had an apartment with Leo, Sy and Nyx, his off and on girlfriend, more off than on lately.

Lil looked at X and raised her eyebrows in surprise, "Well, today you are in a good mood, aren't cha? I had to get Az up this morning, and I think he has a question for you?" She smiled cruelly at her room mate and sashayed toward the building. Everyone moved out of her way, This group, they ruled the school and everyone knew it, students, teachers and the principal. Something happened and it involved them, no matter what it was.

Az gulp. "So, what was your question, come on, we have the same class's to day." Xaphan wasn't about to let Azriel out of his sight for a while. "Oh, I just wanted to see if you would give me a clue as to where The Bong is." Xaphan's hand tightened on Azriel's shoulder and he steered him to the back of the school.

He pulled out his phone. Pressing a sped dial he exchanged quick words. "Back of the school. Old Art room." He nodded and pushed Az ahead of him, picking up the pace. "Now, 5 minuets ago. Zagan. Transform, No, No, Azeal. Yes, Both." He smiled and looked at the younger Angel in front of him. "A Show, of corse. See him then, you?" He paused and pulled Az back against him, sniffing the air. He turned quickly. "We have a problem, the Tunnel is blocked, other way. Ok, yes, bring the camera." He turned the phone off and stuffed it into his pocket.

Az was a younger Angel, he didn't know every ones True Name. But he recognized his own. "So, X what was that about?"

Xaphan squeezed his shoulder. "Well, you and Zev have yet to go through the Ceremony. We are going to do that now and you will be a real Angelic Demon."


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