Hoo Doo VooDoo Medicine Man

Based on the song by Aerosmith.


3. Waken Up

Waken Up;


Avia stood beside the bed and just stared. He was ripped! Super mussels. Eight pack. Slowly Avia reached out and poked one. It was real! Avia shook herself from her daze. But, wow, just wow. Her breath left in a whoosh as she started to move away and his eyes opened. With lightning reflexes he grabbed her wrist.

"Oh..." She gasp. He ground his teeth with pain and asked "Where am I? Who....are you?"

Avia answered calmly "You are at my hostel. I saw you get run over by that car. I figured that since you don't have any identification you didn't want to go to a hospital. My name is Avia Selma. I own this place and anyone here is in a sanctuary. You're safe, if your running." Their eyes remained locked.

"I don't have a name, and I'm not running. I was......." He shut his eyes and his fore head wrinkled. "I can't remember what I was doing." He lets go of my wrist and winces in pain.

"Ok, well, I have a doctor here, and I want to know if he can come take a look at you. I'll go get him, ok?" Slowly he nodded. "And I told him your name is Dooley, alright? When I saw you didn't have an i.d. I thought of that."

"Dark......Hero?" He opened his eyes and pierced her with his eyes. His dark blue eyes, they were deep, and clear. But at the moment they flashed with....pain and anger?

"Um...sorry?" Avia took a step back. He was like a caged animal that wanted to be let loose, and if he was....she was lunch....

He sighed and all the tension seemed to leave his body, but he was still stiff and his muscles were coiled. A image of him above her....naked. Fully naked.....and sweaty popped into Avia's head. Her body heated and she remembered the last time she had sex......a few years...

He moved on the bed and she snapped from her head back to the present. "Ok, bring in the doctor...why am I shirtless?" He gave her a heated look....almost as if he could read her thoughts.

The man...now Dooley...was first angry that this....woman could just think she could name him and take his free will away from him. But then, looking into her brown eyes his anger died away and a image of her under him began to form.

Her moaning because of him.....her shirtless....mm...He looked over at her, she blushed and looked away, clearing her throat she said "I'm going to get the doctor." She turned and left.

Watching her leave he remembered a lesson....or conversation he had with his teacher/guardian. Something about moving, Osage had a place he could go and learn more about the world. A Hostel in the Bayou. Owned by a woman.....he couldn't remember the woman's name though. Avia and the doctor walked in, and he watched them.

"Again, I ask, why am I shirtless." The doctor answered. "I had Avia remove your shirt and look you over, to make sure you weren't seriously injured. When she told me she didn't see anything out of the ordinary we decided to wait until you woke up, and we had your permission, before I came in to examine you.

"I am Dr. Leonardo Ensile." He set his bag on the table and images flashed threw Dooley's head.

White. Metal. Cold. Masks Looking at him. Sharp Tools Probing him.

He lashed out at them and felt himself make contact. He kept hitting. He stood and over powered the thing.

Avia watched as his eyes went blank, after seeing the doctors bag. And then he lashed out at Dr. Ensile. Then he stood and began trying to...kill him. "Stop! Stop it, now!" She stepped forward and tried to pull Dooley off of Leonardo.

The caged animal had escaped and was coming at her now. "Dooley. Stop. Now." He stopped and looked at her. His eyes regained focus. Slowly he straitened his back and looked down at her. Making her realize just how tall he was. And how powerful. "My apologies. I will leave, if you want..."

He left it hanging. Avia made a quick decision, hoping it was the right one. "Yes, stay. Doctor. I don't think he needs to be looked at, please leave. And please have Remi make sure we are not bothered. Thank you."


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