Seeing Things That Can't Be Seen

Why dose this have to happen to ME!?! Well I guess it's my fault for walking around on the beach drunk as hell in a bikini. Oh right sorry, I'm Miracle Oliver and I have news for you. You know that cute innocent boy band One Direction? Well yeah um they kidnapped me! I know I know 'oh god can we switch places?' Well it's not great at all especially if your a Directionator like me. Here's my story!


1. Prolouge

Ch. 1

"Let me go now!" I yelled trying to get out of my captors grip.
"I mean this in the nicest way possible, SHUT THE HELL UP! " I heard a voice say, he was British and he sure wasn't like the others he wore bright red skinny jeans but other than that he was the same.
I suddenly felt someone throw me into a van and it hurt like hell!
"Ow!" I cry.
"C'mon guys do we really need to do this?"
"YES!" I hear three voices say.
"Niall?" The one who asked if this needed to be done said. Niall? Hehe that sounds like a name of this band member my best friend Hayden is completely in love with. One Dimension? One Correction? I don't know and I really couldn't care less
All I wanted to do was get the hell out of here and get in some dry, warm, 'doesn't smell like beer' clothes.
God. Save. Me. Now. I beg of you!



Hey guys yeah I know I've done this story before, I basically only changed the name of it, that's all. Well again for the first 4 chapters or so they will be short but as soon as they all are updated I promise they will be longer. Love you guys lots!

                                  ~Erin xoxo


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