Seeing Things That Can't Be Seen

Why dose this have to happen to ME!?! Well I guess it's my fault for walking around on the beach drunk as hell in a bikini. Oh right sorry, I'm Miracle Oliver and I have news for you. You know that cute innocent boy band One Direction? Well yeah um they kidnapped me! I know I know 'oh god can we switch places?' Well it's not great at all especially if your a Directionator like me. Here's my story!


10. Ghost's Aren't The Only Strange Thing's In The World

Ginny places her hand on my back and looks at me worriedly. I try to keep in my sobs but I feel my face turning red and it kind of hurts from pulling it all in.

"Shh, calm down, it's okay" she reassures me

"N-No it isn't okay, Th-They dragged me away from m-my home and made me stay h-h-here just because I have this stupid ability to s-see dead people!" I exclaim. "I-I hate them!" I cry. "I wanna go home" I whimper pleadingly

"Miracle, you can't, we need you" she says wiping my tears away

"Wh-Why me!?! What's so special about me!? Their just like me" I exclaim.

"You're different"


"You can help me cross to the other side" she says a slight smile of hope forming on her face. I sniffle a bit and look into her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"I can't get to the other side without passing through you, you know how when you were little all those mysterious pains would come, and they still do!" she says

"Please don't talk about those..." I say, looking out the window remembering all of those times. The strange people coming to me, saying they were ready or not, but I never understood what they meant. Every time that would happen they would grab a hold of me and then disappear, leaving me screaming, basically screaming bloody-murder. My friends and family always thought I was completely insane.

"So you know what I'm talking about"

"...Yes but...I just don't see how you need my help"

"I can't rest till Jonathan is gone, defeated, dead"

"It was 1943 when you died, he is probably gonna die soon, calm yourself, have a drink, he'll be gone before ya know it..." I say getting up and going to the bed laying down hugging a pillow.

"You don't know that"

"He's probably in like his late 80's early 90's, believe me he'll be dead soon" I say not wanting to talk anymore.

"You don't know much about this world but believe me, ghost's aren't the only strange things in the world" Ginny says and then she's gone. Just like that.

What? Ghost's aren't the only thing's here? What is she implying here?

"Miracle...?" I hear someone say quietly. I look to the door and see it's open and Liam is standing right there looking at me, his face reading emotions of all sorts, mostly guilt out of them. Great...he wants to apologize.  

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