Arranged to marry my worst enemy?!??! (one direction fan fiction)

Hannah is the queen of her school and Niall Horan the king. They both hate each other and always want to be the best. what happens when one day their parents decide to make them marry each other without them knowing? well read to find out!... :)


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Hannah's POV*

3rd period just finished and lunch came. I walked to my locker and put my books in then waited for Hailey. " two years later.... dude hurry up and put your books in!" I told Hailey. " yo chill! I'm done let's go." Hailey replied and we started walking towards the cafeteria and laughing at the same time. w I got my food and went to sit by the lunch tables. a few other girls came and sat beside me but I saved a spot for my best friend. she came and sat beside me. I heard laughing and taking. I recognized that voice which was Irish... Niall. I ignored them and started eating. 
" so what do you wanna do after school?" Hailey asked me. " umm how 'bout shopping!" I replied excidetly " YEAH GURLLL!" she yelled and some girls and boys turned to look at Hailey. She gave them the look 'got problem?' and they all turned. I saw a blonde girl with a face caked with make up walking towards us. Vista *sigh*. she stood confront of out table and I asked " what are you looking at. haven't seen someone prettier than me?" everyone laughed at her. " ugh, why r u soo annoying like omg." she talked with a squicky voice. I chuckled but stopped when I saw someone talk " yeah why are you so annoying, slut?" Niall yelled while laughing. Hailey stood up and said " What did you say?" I smirked. I knew that when she said things like that, the other person is going down. "I said she is a slut." Niall replied. " OH BOY UR GOING DOWN!" she yelled while grabbing her food and throwing it at Niall. they soon we're fighting and everyone joined the except for me. But that ended when I felt a hot thing on my back. I got up and turned to see Ciara. " WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled at her and poured a box of juice on her. Everyone was fighting but stopped when someone yelled " WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE! STOP!" we all turned to see our jprincipal standing at the doorway. 

Uh oh. 

Me, Hailey, Niall, and Ciara were the ones with most food on us, so she took us to the office.

"WOULD SOMEONE CARE TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!?!" our principall yelled at us. "Ciara started it!" me and Hailey said at the same tine. weird....
"I DID NOT!" she protested. " Actually I don't care who did it! You guys have to clean the classrooms for 1 week and today afterschool you guys have to clean the cafeteria". she said and said we could go out. 
Great.. just great. " It's all your fault Ciara!" I yelled at her. she started to protest but me and Hailey walked away. The rest of the day was boring and after a while sixth period finished. " I'm gonna go call my mom to tell her our after school plans!" I told Hailey and he nodded. I walked away and dialed my mom's number. ( here's the convo!)

Hey mom

Hey sweetie

Mom, I wanted to say that I'm gonna go shopping with Hailey after school.

Honey sorry to say this but you can't go. I have important things to say to you.

But mo-

No buts. Come home right now.


I hung up and walked back to Hailey.
" hey Hails I'm sorry but I can't go shopping. Apparently my mom has something important to tell me. I'm so sorry" I told her with a sad smile.
"It's ok bestow.maybe next time!" she told me, returning a smile. I went locker, got my stuff and said bye to Hailey. I started walking home and it started raining. " Ugh! GREAT JUST GREAT! WHAT AN AWESOME DAY! note sarcasm.." I yelled to the sky. Don't get me wrong. I love rain but just not now. I finally got home from a long walk and said hi to my mom and walked upstairs to change. After I changed I walked downstairs. " hey mom, what's so important that you had to tell me?" I asked her curiously. 
" Honey its............

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