My New Life -Liam Payne-

Taylor grows up in a mess up life because of her sister Dahlia and her dad Liam.


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 *Taylor P.O.V*

I grab a pillow start to hit Kasey with it. "Ouch! that's hurts!" Kasey said in pain "Oh come on! It's a pillow!" We both started to laugh "That pillow is hard though!" Kasey complained. We hear a knock on the door "Maybe it's your mom, Kasey." Kasey walk to the door and open it. "Nope it's not my mum! It's your dad." Kasey said and walked back to couch. I got up and stared at him. I finally walk towards him "Wow..." I begin "You're tall! Kasey isn't he tall!" I said pointing at my dad,Liam. Kasey nodded in agreement. I was going to open my mouth when Kasey pulled me to the kitchen "Wait I don't think your dad remembers how you look like." Kasey whispered "So?" I said  "I can be Taylor and you can be me! It be funny." Kasey whispered/yelled "Okay!" I giggled "I'm Taylor!" Kasey called out. My dad, Liam, narrowed his eye browns "No you're not. Taylor had brown hair." He said looking at me "That's Taylor!" My dad points at me. I ran to hug him "Daddy!" I yell I jump and wrapped my legs around his hip. "Hows your mum?" He asked "She is still depressed because uncle Tommy is still in prison." I said "What the hell? I just got him out 4 months ago!" Dad sounded mad. I shrugged. Dad sighted "I'll go talk to her." He said putting me down and walked upstairs. 

"When is your dad going to get married?" Kasey asked. I shrugged "I don't know." My dad came down stairs and sat next to me on the floor while our backs facing the couch. "Hey dad, are you staying?" I asked him kinda sad because what if he said no. Then left and never came back for me ever again. "Yeah." He said looking down "Whats wrong?" I questioned my dad "Did your mum ever talk about me?" My dad stared at me. I was surprised be the question because my mum never talked at my dad. How am I going to tell him that she was planing to see someone else? "Hm.." I begin "Dad she was planing to see someone else.." My dad broke down in tears. I got closer to my dad and hugged him. "It's okay. You have me, right!"I tired to make him happy again. My dad made a weak smile "Dad can I live with you?" I stand up "What about your mum?" My dad asked "What about her? She doesn't care about me anymore!" I said a bit angry "No. Your mum is going to get worried"My dad sounded mad again "Why? She doesn't even fed me anymore! She likes you hang with you new boyfriend doing stupied shit, dad! They always like to drink and get wasted in front of me! She doesn't care about anymore! She gave up." I yelled. My dad looked mad. He was mad because my mum wasn't doing her job as a mother. "Alright! If she is going to do that to you! I'll take better care then she will!" My dad stand up like a hero! I was happy! "Taylor! What about me?" Kasey asked I forgot she can't live in her house anymore due to her dad. "Daddy can Kasey live with us?" I asked sweetly "Sure but what about her dad and mum?" He asked me "I'll call her!" Kasey yelled happily. After five minutes talking in the call she started crying. "She said yes." Kasey said after she was done crying. We packed and moved to my dad's car. 

During in the car ride Kasey told me what happened she said "My mum said my life would be better if I lived with you because she doesn't want me to live with my father and that she was going to miss me. She said that she was going to live with my uncle but I believe is not because is "Loves" my dad. She also said that she doesn't wants me to see her getting beaten up by my father." She started to cry after she said that. My dad head but didn't say anything. 

It was quite in till "Taylor did you know Louis has a son but that is a year older then you? His name is Lucas." My dad said  "Cool!" I said not really caring. After  two hours of driving we were here. I had to wake up Kasey because she fell asleep. I got off the car and saw a big house in front of me "Dad this is all yours?!" I yelled "Yup!" He said and patted my back and left to get the bags. I got my bag from the back of the car. I open the door with my chin because my hands were full. "Where is my room,dad?" I asked. He pointed to a room upstairs. I went to upstairs and saw two beds and two desks with two closets! The room was huge! "Kasey we can share a room together!" I cried happily "really?!" Kasey ran up stairs "Oh my god! This room is amzing!" she said and jumped on the bed to the left. "I call this one!" Kasey yelled  

                                                  My new life starts here

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