Please, just love me already?

Mackenzie Smith is a new student to the University of Dublin in Ireland. Mackenzie thought moving to Ireland from America would be a great thing for her, but when she gets there she meets the most obnoxious boys in the world. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one and only Niall Horan. Mackenzie runs into Hope Jones and Liam Payne. Her soon-to-be besties."


10. I can't believe you

Mackenzie's POV:


It's been 2 days since Niall and Liam made up. Hope and I are getting kind of annoyed because Liam's been spending all of his time with them. Since I haven't talked to Liam that much lately I decided to walk to his dorm. 5 minutes later I was walking up the steps and I heard talking. I peaked around the corner to see Niall and Liam." I can't believe I actually went through with this whole apology thing. You have changed some much. Your just depressed and angry all the time." Niall said. " Well that's because of your bullying. It's changed me." Liam said. " Your just so nerdy and annoying!" Niall laughed and started to walk away. I looked at Liam and he was about to cry. "LIAM!" He looked up at me. " Kenzie? Did you see that?". "Yeah, I did, one sec, NIALL!" Niall was already half way down the hall way when I called his name. "what?" he yelled, turning around angrily. " I can't believe I was ever even going to give you a chance. How could you do this." I said and then walked into Liam's dorm room with him quietly following behind. " I'm sorry Liam. I should have never made you make up with them. I'm so sorry." I through tears. Liam walked over and wiped the tears off my face, pulling me into a hug and said " It's okay. It's not your fault. It's his. Don't cry." I looked up into his eyes and started leaning in and he did the same. Finally his lips touched mine. I felt sparks, my stomach was doing back flips. We pulled away needed air, and I said "Liam, I love you." " I love you too." he whispered into my ear. He pulled away from our hug with a big smile and said " So do you wanna stay and have movie night?" "yeah. I miss hanging out with you." I said as I kissed his cheek. He blushed. " I missed it too." "Okay so what movie first?" " Toy story?" " Liam we watched that the other day." I walked over to his case full of movies and pull out bridesmaids and grown ups. " Which first?" " Grown Ups." He says with a huge smile and takes the movie away and puts it into the DVD player. He lays down on his bed and pats the spot next to him. I go and lay next to him and he puts his arm around whispers " Will you be my girlfriend?" "of course." I smile and he smiles back. I crash my lips against his and I can feel him smile through the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull away. " I love you Liam." " I love you too." The movie started playing and I put my head on his chest and he had his arm around me. We stayed like that for the whole movie. When it was over Liam got up and put the other movie in. When he came back I kissed him lightly on lips and then turned my attention to the movie, while getting in the same position as before. When the movie was over we couldn't stop laughing it was hilarious. " IT'S COMING OUT LIKE LAVA!" I yell through hysterics. " I can't believe she actually shit in the middle of the street." He laughs. "i know right?" I lean up and kiss and I feel the same sparks as before. I pull away and say " How is Hope going to react to this?" " to what?" " to us." " Oh, she is either going to accept  us or not. If she does then awesome but were going to have to value our friendship with her over our relationship with each other. But right now I'm really hoping she accepts us." " yeah me too, lets go to bed." "goodnight Kenzie. I love you." "goodnight Li, I love you too." I say falling asleep. I feel his arm reach around bringing his warmth to me. I snuggle up against him we slowly fall asleep.

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