"I have to tell you one thing." "What is that?" "Don't fall in love with me." (1D not famous)


4. Chapter 4

[Harry's POV]

After hanging out with April I decided to go to Louis' place for a bit. "Did you have fun with April?" He asks.

"Yeah it was fun but she told me to not fall in love with her. I'm fine with it cause I have a girlfriend anyways." I smile.

"Harry, Skylar is dead." He says as he messes with his hands.

"No, she is here. She is my girlfriend."

"Harry you have to get over her."

"She is still alive!" I shout no getting angry.

Louis sighs, "You have to stop. You need to move on. Me Niall and Zayn think you should and I know Skylar would want you to."

I stand up and walk towards the door, "I said she is alive damn it!" I walk out of Louis' place and drive to my place, holding back tears.

"I've got some pizza." My mom says with a smile upon her face.

I grab a piece and walk to my room. I start to eat and think about Skylar when my mom walks into my room. "Why are you in here mom? You should knock next time."

"Why didn't you talk to me when you came in? Are you okay? Why are you u[p here eating alone?"

"I'm not alone, she's here too."

"Harry when are you going it's been almost a year, please move on she's de-"

"I said she's right here!" I raise my voice.

"Okay!" My mom quickly walks out of my room and I drop my pizza to the floor and let some tears slide down my face. They don't understand, I can't move on.

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