Not as It Seems.

A girl named Alison Justine, had a friend living with her since their parents were dating. Now Alison is seeing things, and might need help of a therapist, but is to embarresed to show it.


2. Goodmorning, Ali!:)

I woke up in the hospital. "What am I doin-" I got interrupted. "You cannot talk, now." Said a nurse. "Why am I here!" I screamed. "Look, you got stabbed." she said. "Where may I ask?" I started to move and had a sharp pain in my back, and I saw another shadow. "I need to get out of here. I'm not safe alone!" I tried to get up but she pushed me back down. "There's cops planted all over. Your F-I-N-E." She sounded distressed, and I looked at her. "I need rest" I fakely closed my eyes leaving a little crack to see someone come in. "She's asleep sir, I'm sorry" I saw her pushing someone that had black gloves on. I opened my eyes to see they're gone. "Ma'am" I said "Thought you were asleep?" She said. "He-he was the on who stabbed me" I looked at her. "What? I thought that was your dad. Anyhow, we wondered 'how' he got into your house". I looked at her. "Look, I've been hearing things all last night, and then he appeared out of nowhere! True story! I swear to god!" I started to yell. "Look miss, please don't get mad. You'll be okay here, and we won't believe a guy just came out of nowhere and stabbed you!" she looked angry at me and walked out with meds. "Can't people ever just, believe me?" I said.

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