Ella Walker dosn't have the best life she is abused by her parents, but what if one day her mom forgets to lock the door to her so called room. Will she escape, and if she does what might happen? read on to find out.


1. home sweet home

Ella's POV

I was laying in my bed if you consider a very thin blanket with holes in it and an old shoebox as a pillow a bed when I hear the old creaky closet door unlock and in comes my so called mum. "WAKE UP AND GO MAKE ME BREAKFAST YOU WORTHLESS PEACE OF CRAP!!!" she yells. I slowly get up and head towards the kitchen. I get out some eggs, bread, butter, and a pan. I heat up the pan and cracked two eggs onto it. Once I thought that they were cooked enough I used a spatula to scoop them up and put them on to seperet plates. I then put two peices of bread in the toaster. When they were finally nice and toasted I put each one on the serperete plates again just like I had done before with the egges and buttered each peice. I cleaned up the kitchen and grabed an apple and stuffed it in my pocket. I took the two plates of food to the dinning tabble, set napkins next to the plates and yelled. "BREAKFAST" my parents came out of their cave and sat down. "Where is my fork and knife?" my dad said in a stern voice. "Where is my drink?" my mum also said sternly. My dad got up and pushed me into the wall and I fell to the ground hard. The last thing I remember seeing is my mum getting out of her chair... then everything went black.

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