my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


9. playing in the playground

Eleanor's Pov

i cant believe the boys i told them not to text Louis to hang out because he's having fun hanging with his family and resting, ~ hey harry i told you not to text Louis and tell the others as well~ i texted harry. when we finally got there avril was asleep again "you thinking what im thinking" Lou whispered to me "on the count of three" "1, 2,3" Lou whispered "wake up we are the park avril" we both shouted and then avril woke and shouted yaaaaayyy.

Avril's Pov

i fell asleep and was woken up by mammy and daddy screaming at me and i woke up and jumped out of the car to the swings "daddy push me" i shouted pulling him out of the car and dragging him to the swings and he just laughed and picked me up and ran, "put me down daddy" i shouted "nope" he said back. we finally got to the swings and mammy was getting us drinks so we could drink them, "mammy can i have a drink" i asked and she gave it to me

(skip to the end of the day bc im too lazy to write it).

Louis' Pov

i carried avril to the car and put her in her car seat carefully hoping not to wake her, it was 8:30pm when we got home she is going to bed. "babe do you want some food" i asked el "nope i have food waiting for us at home but avril can go straight to bed because shes asleep, just wake her when your moving her" she said. we came home and i put avril bed and we ate our food watched tv and went to bed


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