my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


7. meeting with simon

Niall's Pov

I woke up hungry and I shouted "I need food now". zayn woke up and said "Jesus Christ horan the whole estate can hear you" and Louis slept through all of the shouting and chaos, "how can Louis sleep through all this noise" liam asked, "because he has sleeping pills that Simon prescribed for him" Eleanor told us. Louis takes pills omg how come he didn't tell us, just then harry came in "Simon called he wants us to come down to his office now, where's Louis" harry told us. "he is still in bed and he knows what Simon wants to tell you so he's gonna stay here and sleep because he's tired" Eleanor said and we left it at that, we went out the door we got into harry's car and he drove off.

Eleanor's Pov

Louis was sleeping for the longest he has ever slept in 3 months, even though it is because of his sleeping pills. 20 minutes later. "hey sleepy pants" I laughed and he said "hey babe, how long I was asleep for" I calculated it in my head that it was about 14 hours, "14 hours Lou and the boys went to Simon's office, do you want to go to Starbucks for breakfast" I said and he said yes and ran up to get changed and I followed him so I could too.

Liam's Pov

we were on the way to Simon's office for some news Sophie texted me ~hey LiLi~  and I replied ~hey soph watz up~ we were texting until I got to Simon's office and I told her that i text her later. we walked into Simons office and sat down in the chairs, "right lads you have 2 months off on holidays but you must stay away from Louis because I want him to get his sleeping back on track before you go back on tour in three months" Simon said when we all sat down and was quiet. "why do we have to stay away from Louis" niall asked Simon "because Eleanor asked me to tell you now go and have a good two months off" and we left.

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