my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


4. going shopping (part two)

Eleanor's Pov

I put avril in the car seat and jumped in the front. we waited for Louis to come back, when he did he had a buggy for avril. Louis never told me how old avril was so I guessed she was two. Louis put the buggy in the boot and jumped into the front and started to drive. "Lou how old is avril" I asked and he answered "she's four" "no way she's not" I said "I am four" avril said in the back. "she's very small for her age isn't she" I asked Louis and he said "yes she is". after a while we arrived at the shopping centre, avril was asleep so Louis got out the buggy out of the boot and I got avril out very careful I don't wake her, I put avril in the buggy put the seat down so she was lying down and me and Louis walked into the shops. first we went into pennies and got her some jeans, tops, dresses and shoes then we went up to the cash person and paid for the stuff. we went to schuh and brought her some converse, vans and some toms then we went up to pay. after a while we got all the clothes we needed now we just needed some toys for her to play with so we went to smyths and she picked out a baby born and some clothes and shoes for it. we paid for the doll and then I felt hungry and avril said "I hunwry" but Louis laughed and said "lets go to mac donalds". avril cheered so we went to mac donalds me and avril got table and Louis got our food. Louis got a happy meal for avril, a quarter pounder and curly fries for me and he got the same as me. when we were done we decided to see despicable me 2. half way through the movie this mum sat in front of avril so Louis put her on his lap and she said "I wove you guys"

Louis' Pov

after the movie we got avril's buggy back off the font desk girl but avril was asleep on me so we put the shopping bags in the buggy. we got into the car and drove home. when I got home no one was home then I remembered it was Wednesday and the girls have school and my mam has work "hey el" I shouted to find out  where she was. she came down the stairs saying "shhh avril is asleep" "oh sorry" I say and she said "what did you want me for". "we have the house to ourselves, what do you want to do"

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