my new family (slow updates)

read to find out what happens


14. driving to granmas

Louis' Pov

we were all in the car going to El's mams house. I saw that Avril was asleep in the back of the car so I decided to tell El but she was asleep too. It was an hour later and El woke up and she told me that we were close to her mams house. We got to the house and Avril was still asleep so I picked her up and brought her inside. "Hello" Els mam said to us "hi" I said quietly trying not to wake Avril but El went straight into her mams arms and hugged her " mam this is Avril" she said " aww ain't she a cutie" her mum said. Just as Els mam said that Avril woke up and said "who's a cutie" and we all laughed.

Avril's Pov

I was sleeping and I heard someone saying cutis I woke up but I saw that everyone laughed when I said something "daddy, I'm hungry" i whined to him " ok let's get you some food" he said to me bringing me into the kitchen. "What do you want baby girl" daddy asked me. "I would like foooood" I shouted "I know that baby girl" daddy laughed "I want pizza please daddy" I said nicely hoping to get pizza. "Sure thing baby girl, why don't you go play with mammy and nanny while I'll order it" I nodded and ran off "daddy is ordering pizza" I said running into the sitting room "is that so" mammy said smiling "yea you know daddy can't cook mammy, only you can" I said. "I heard that" and I turned around and saw daddy standing at the door.

Louis' Pov

I finished ordering food and was walking into the sitting room and I over heard Avril and Eleanor talking "yea you know daddy can't cook mammy, only you can" Avril said laughing with El "I heard that" I said while standing at the door. "Daddy I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it" Avril said crying "awww baby I know I can't cook I was just messing". Then the pizza arrived and we ate and went to bed because we were tired from driving all day.

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