Life As Louis Tomlinson's Daughter *Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning**completed*

*Sequel to Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning and the sequel to Love Is In My DNA**conpleted* Anna Tomlinson never fit in, even if she is Louis' daughter. No one really liked her. She only wanted to be loved her whole life. Until she gets paired with someone for a baby project that will change her life forever.


18. The Kiss That Missed

The Kiss That Missed


I sit by Alexander.

"What are you watching?" I ask.

"Something on 9-11-01." He says.

"Oh is that today?" I ask.

"No it's tomorrow." He says. I nod.

I start to watch it... I never really learned about it.

"This is terrible..." I whisper. He nods.

They show someone jumping out of the building.

I gasp and I cover my eyes. He pulls me to him.

"That's terrible." I mumble.

"Yeah..."   I look up at him. I move closer to him and I cuddle with him.

He looks down at me.   "I like you." He says, "I never stopped..." He adds.

"I'm sorry I left you." I say.

"We were never dating really..." He says.

"When you started dating Luke I thought of you and only you for 24/7." He says.

I look into his eyes.

I move to him. I move closer and closer. He moved closer and we were about to kiss then my phone rang.

"Damn it." He mumbles.

I answer, it's my mom. She was crying.

"Mom?" I ask.

"Anna," my mom starts.

"Mom calm down what's wrong?" I ask.

I wonder if my dad left her.

I heard someone grab the phone.

"It's William..." Dad says. My eyes water.

"Did he..." I take a deep breath.

"Yes..." My dad whispers. I hang up.

"William died..." I whisper. I break down into tears.

He hugs me.

"Shhh." He whispers running his fingers through my hair, "it's okay." He whispers.

"He was only 16." I whisper.

"Shhh I know." He says calming me down.

"I can't believe this." I whisper.

"Come on I'll drive you to Ally and Louis's house."

I shake my head, "No... I just need to sleep." I lay down. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me to him.   He whispers it's okay over and over in my ear.

But I don't think it is...

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