Is This Love?

When two people get together Alice Andrews feels what it is like to love and what is like to have their heart broken.


6. The Kiss


     The movie ended up being "Jaws 2". The part in the movie when Jaws comes right up to the screen. I jumped into Logan's arms and hid my face in his shoulder. Our eyes met and I drifted off into a stare. After a while of staring, Logan broke it and I whimpered a bit. He kept me in his arms and didn't le go. That made me happy. Another scary part came on and I buried my head even farther, I kept it there for a while thinking he would enjoy it, but I couldn't quiet tell if he was. " Hey, the scary part is over, you can come out now." Logan said softly. I slowly pulled my head out of his shoulder. His eyes met mine and everything in my head went silent. He leaned down and his lips met mine and we kissed. It was good and passionate. It was long, but felt like only seconds. I didn't want t to end but it was over in seconds. It was magical.

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