Is This Love?

When two people get together Alice Andrews feels what it is like to love and what is like to have their heart broken.


4. Movie Night


     I got to the movie and spotted Logan waiting in line to get our tickets. We were going to see a romance movie. "Hey Logan!" "Hey Alice!" he called back to me. He asked me to get the popcorn and soda, so I did. We met at the theater door and found two seats in the middle of the theater. The previews started just as we sat down. We were both alone with no one else in the theater. We started to have some popcorn when other people start to walk in. The lights dimmed and the room was moody. Logan played the oldest trick in the book on me. "Yawn! Wow I'm tired" Logan said while putting his arm around me. Everybody started mumbling. Finally, the movie started and everyone quieted down. The music was slow and quiet. the condensation from my soda cup dripped all over my hand. and I got excited for the rest of the movie.

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